Attendance & Health Office

Reporting Absences in Skyward Family Access

  • Please report absences in Skyward Family Access when your child is absent or tardy. Children are considered unexcused without a call to the attendance line from a parent or guardian.
    • When you are submitting the attendance request in Skyward Family Access, you must be logged in as a parent, not a student.
    • You can still call the school to report an absence and we recommend calling if it is a last-minute request.
  • A current phone number must be on file in case of an emergency. If your phone number has changed, please update Skyward Family Access.


West Middle School Health Office:

Lynda Lankford, RN, LSN
Licensed School Nurse

Eboni O'Donnell 
Health Paraprofessional

We recognize that healthy children are better learners. Our licensed school nurses and school-based health paraprofessionals work collaboratively to promote the health and safety of our students.

The role of licensed school nurses

Our licensed school nurses provide care in concert with health paraprofessionals for students at all schools. They perform the following services:

  • provide needed physical assessment, direct nursing care and specialized health procedures to students
  • develop and assist with the implementation of individual health plans for students with chronic health conditions
  • train and support school staff to assist students' needs as identified by their health plans
  • serve as in-house resources, liaisons and advocates for students, parents and community service organizations regarding individual and general health care issues

The role of health paraprofessionals

Our health paraprofessionals work in the school health offices under the supervision of the licensed school nurse. They are certified in CPR and First Aid and receive targeted health education on pertinent school health-related topics such as diabetes, anaphylaxis, asthma and epilepsy. They perform the following services:

  • provide direct care to students who become ill during the school day
  • administer medications
  • assist district nurses with the prevention and control of communicable diseases
  • distribute communicable disease information to school staff and parents as needed
  • assist with vision and hearing screening programs