Be BOLD – PBIS at West Middle School

The purpose of PBIS at West is to provide a positive and safe learning environment that prepares each and every student to thrive in middle school and beyond.

We ask our students to be BOLD (Build community, Own your learning, Lead positively, and Develop balance) and we are committed to working with them to understand the meaning of each of these values.

Resources for Home

Our Student Services Office is invested in all four values, but we would like to offer additional information to parents and students regarding Developing Balance. If you have additional questions about how to help your children achieve balance in their lives, please contact our School Social Workers or School Counselors:

Missa Morey

Peter Binnie
Social Worker

Counseling Resource About Self-Image

In an effort to continue to encourage developing balance for our West students, a Dove Real Beauty Sketch was shared with students on the news show that explores the gap between how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. Portraits were created by forensic artist Gil Zamora based upon a woman's own description of herself and the other based on stranger's observations.

The Healthy Mind Platter for Optimal Brain Matter (Sleep Time, Physical Time, Focus Time, Time In, Down Time, Play Time, Connecting Time)

In his book Brainstorm (2013), Dr. Daniel J. Siegel outlines seven activities which are scientifically proven to keep our bodies healthy, our minds strong, and our brains continuing to grow throughout our lives. He has placed these activities on “The Healthy Mind Platter”. We will be incorporating the Healthy Mind Platter into our teaching throughout the 2018-2019 school year.