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Stay organized with this list of important back-to-school calendar and action items!

Get Involved

There are all kinds of ways for adults to get involved in the life of our district!

Activities & Athletics

75% of students are involved in one or more of the more than 110 activity or athletic opportunities. Explore the options!


Day 1


    Wayzata High School Headlines

    Fall High School Play: Tar and Feather

    Tar and Feather will be performed in the Black Box from October 4-13.

    When Erin takes a #gaschamberselfie, it goes viral – and so does she. Her job offer gets rescinded, she's not allowed to go to class, and her family and friends abandon her. Everyone that is, except for Claudia, her best friend. Together they hatch a plan to confront Erin's anonymous online trolls. Tar and Feather examines public shaming in the digital age. How close are any of us to a fall from grace? How does a well-intended person transform into a troll?

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    Exciting Academic Choices

    302 Exciting Academic Choices
    With over 302 courses to choose from, our students find plenty of reasons to get excited about learning.

    Aspirational Programs

    We help students pursue their academic and professional dreams by offering academic options like Advanced Placement, Compass Professional Studies and PSEOs.

    Highly Engaged Students

     3,436 Highly Engage Students
    85% of our 3,436 students participate in our school's co-curricular activities.

    Supportive Environment

    An associate principal, a dean, three counselors and a social worker surround and support each student from the day they begin high school until they graduate.

    Fun Ways to Connect

    150 fun ways to connect
    Our 150 athletic, artistic and academic clubs, sports, leagues, and groups provide fun ways for students to connect with classmates who share their interests.

    Weekly MyTime

    MyTime Logo
    Students get 45 minutes of dedicated personal time midway through the school week to catch up, connect with teachers and de-stress.