Wayzata High School

Dance Information

Bringing a guest from another school

We will allow WHS students to bring non-WHS students as guests to all dances. A completed Guest Registration Form must be on file by Friday prior to the dance. Please read the guest form carefully as there are age restrictions for guests. We must have emergency contact information for all guests at our dances.

Guest Registration FormMust be on file by Friday prior to the dance

On-Site Dances

If the dance is held on-site (Homecoming and Snow Days), we do pre-sell tickets for a reduced rate, but we can also sell them at the door. We strongly encourage students to pre-buy their tickets using EPay or during their lunch period the week of the dance.

On-site dances are held in Culinary. Students will leave shoes on during the dance. We are not responsible for purses, cameras, keys, cell phones, etc. When you are at a wedding reception or a club, there is not a service that watches your personal items while you dance and mingle. We operate the same way. Students are responsible for keeping track of their personal items.

Off-Site Dances — Prom

If the dance is held off-site (prom), the tickets are all pre-sold and not available at the door. Ticket sales end one week prior to the date of the dance. This is necessary because the facilities that can accommodate our size needs require us to spend a certain amount on food. Numbers must be in the week before so that the facility can place orders.

There is more expense involved in an off-site dance due to requirements of the individual facility we are renting. There is typically a required amount which must be spent on food depending on the number of students that attend.

The price of the ticket for Prom includes an hors d'oeuvres buffet with items such as chicken wings, mini pizzas, meatballs, vegetable trays, cheese trays, fruit platters/dip, chips and salsa, etc. At 10:00 p.m., there is a full dessert buffet with assorted cheesecakes, tartlets, a chocolate fountain with items to dip in the chocolate, cookies, bars and a coffee bar with fixings.

Ticket pricing

We do not give a break for tickets bought for a "couple" because it is not the expectation that a student have to have a date in order to attend a dance. There are many students that do buy tickets for themselves and a date, but it is not necessarily the majority. Many students come in groups and just have fun spending an evening together. We typically have over 1,000 students attend our dances.

Who can attend prom?

The prom is for the junior and senior students. A 10th grade student may attend if asked as the date of a junior or senior. Prom is a formal affair.

Arriving at a dance

As students arrive at a dance, they must present their student ID. Each student ID has a unique barcode which is scanned when students purchase their dance ticket. As they arrive at the dance, the ID is scanned and if the student has indeed pre-purchased a ticket, they will be allowed to enter the dance. For those students arriving at an on-site dance and purchasing a ticket at the door, the ID still must be presented for scanning.

Pre-buy tickets to avoid long lines at the door! With over 1,000 students attending most of our dances there may be long lines upon entering the dance, especially for those students who buy their ticket at the door. If you wait to buy your ticket at the door, expect to stand in line!

Random Breathalyzers

The chemical health coordinator and/or our administrators will give random breathalyzers at every WHS dance.

Definition of Semi-Formal

We label a dance as being semi-formal so that students do not make it another prom. At the same time, it is not a place to show up in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Boys should not feel required to wear a suit or shirt/tie. Girls do not have to have formal or floor length dresses.