Compass is an experiential career studies program for highly motivated juniors and seniors. Students who enroll in the program earn high school and college credit while exploring career paths and working side-by-side with professionals in the workplace. Courses are designed and taught in collaboration with business leaders in our community and faculty from North Hennepin and Normandale Community Colleges.

Helping our students chart their future

Working professionals have a hand in creating the curriculum for Compass classes and also serve as guest instructors so that students are better able to understand how what they are learning comes to life in the workplace. This type of educational experience can help students make better informed decisions about their post-high school education and careers and help them be more prepared for the workplace.

A Proven Program Model

Compass derives its inspiration from Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS), a proven business-community-public education partnership model launched by the Blue Valley School District in Overland Park, Kansas in 2009. The Overland Park program has served hundreds of students, partnered with more than a hundred businesses and garnered accolades from students, educators and the business community. Since 2009, dozens of school districts, including several in Minnesota, have introduced CAPS-inspired programs. Many districts, including Wayzata, are members of the CAPS Network.


Scott Tordeur
Compass Coordinator
Graphic Communications Teacher
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Miriam Lejonvarn
Compass Mentor Coordinator
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Compass Course Offerings for 2019-2020

Graphic Communications – Fall Semester

Composition for College and Advanced Applied Graphics

Four credits (two in English, two in ETD, and meets Art requirement)

Eligible for Concurrent Enrollment Credits at North Hennepin Community College

Instructors: Scott Tordeur and Dawn Johnson

Ecology of Food and Nutrition Education - Fall Semester

Ecology of Foods and Nutrition Education

Four credits (two in Science, two in FACS)

Eligible for Concurrent Enrollment Credits at North Hennepin Community College

Instructors: Anne Swanson and Miriam Lejonvarn

Business Management and Economics – Spring Semester

Economics & Principals of Management

Four credits (two in Social Studies, two in Business)

Eligible for Concurrent Enrollment at North Hennepin Community College

Instructors: Peter McKown and Paul Kimbler

Cybersecurity and Applied Mathematics - Spring Semester

Mathematics & Networking

Four credits (two in Math, two in Business)

Eligible for Concurrent Enrollments at Century College

Instructors: Kate Granlund and Tika Kude