Alternative Learning Center

Providing support necessary to ensure students make academic, social and emotional progress through their high school years.

Wayzata High School's Alternative Learning Center programs are designed to address the academic, social and emotional needs of students in grades 9-12 who may be struggling in traditional education settings by:

  • Increasing student motivation toward school and learning
  • Improving each student’s academic skills
  • Building classroom culture that demonstrates the caring principles
  • Developing each student’s skills in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Giving each student reason to feel self-worth and hope for his/her future

Staff Commitment

Wayzata High School Alternative Learning Center staff are committed to the education of each member of our community. We desire to make a difference in the lives of the students and the roles students will play as adults in the world.

Mary Williams, Associate Principal

Mary Williams

Associate Principal

SOAR (Grade 9)

SOAR: Student Opportunities through Alternative Resources

SOAR is a program designed for incoming ninth grade students to bridge the transition between middle school and high school. Students in the SOAR program will be completing the mainstream high school curriculum but using more time and resources. SOAR is an acceleration program designed for students that need alternatives to traditional education. The SOAR community will be part of the alternative learning center located inside Wayzata High School. The SOAR community will have the resources of three teachers, support staff, a dean and an associate principal. One of the many benefits of SOAR is a small student to teacher ratio of 17:1. Students and parents are encouraged to become active partners in the SOAR community before the start of school.

Program Goals

  1. Provide time and resources for students to achieve the same as their mainstream peers.
  2. Improve students skills across content areas.
  3. Accelerate students toward the 10th grade curriculum.

TAP (Grades 10-12)

General Information

Trojan Alternative Program (TAP) provides credit opportunities for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. It is a credit-based program designed to meet the diverse needs of students who may struggle in traditional learning settings. Students learn through individualized study plans and apply that learning toward completion of high school graduation requirements or personal academic goals.

The program emphasis of TAP is to provide a supportive academic environment based on a partnership between students and staff. However, students are expected to take primary responsibility for their own success and are allowed varied opportunities to suit different learning styles.

Selection Criteria

Students must meet criteria established by the State of Minnesota (Minnesota Statute 124D.68 Subd. 2) for admission into an Alternative Learning Program. Students are selected for TAP on a case-by-case basis through application and interview process.

Courses Available

English, Civics, Economics, Algebra, Biology, US History, World History, Chemistry.

Students interested in TAP should contact their school counselor to begin the application process.

Independent Study (Ages 16+)

General Information

The Independent Study is a state-certified program for students who are at risk of not graduating from high school. Wayzata High School students must have their counselor certify eligibility for this program. Students meet once a week with their teacher(s) and complete assignments on their own time. Most students use this option to make up additional credits while attending high school. Students may earn a maximum of two independent study credits per term. These credits will be converted into the type of credit used at the student's home school.

Courses Available

English, Social Studies, Health, Math, Science, Work Experience and various Electives.

Independent Study Registration Form

Summer Learning Academy

Credit recovery classes will be offered June 10-21, Monday-Friday, at Wayzata High School. Students may register for one to four classes. To recover a credit, students must be in attendance for the entire session or until the course work has been completed. Students may also need to work on their course(s) outside of the session to complete requirements within in the two week program. Registration is done through your student's high school guidance counselor.

  • Block 1: 7:30-9:20
  • Block 2:  9:25-11:15
  • Block  3: 11:30-1:20
  • Block 4: 1:25-3:15