Wayzata Public Schools

Title I

Reading and math support is available through Title I.

Title I is a federally funded program that supports learners in meeting the our state's academic standards for reading and math. It supplements the district's regular educational programming.

To receive Title I services, students must be identified as needing assistance. Our teachers and administrators are responsible for identifying students as well as setting goals and measuring progress for each individual in the program.

Title I services are available at Birchview, Gleason Lake, Oakwood and Sunset Hill elementary schools and East Middle School.


Ann Fehrenbach
Resource Teacher

How are students identified for Title I?

Although funding for Title I is related to the number of students who receive free or reduced price meals, participation has nothing to do with economic status. Students are selected to receive Title I services based on a number of factors, including performance on standardized tests, classroom assessments and teacher recommendation. Title I is not the same as Special Education.

What kind of assistance is provided?

Title I services are provided by licensed staff or highly qualified paraprofessionals. Students may be seen individually or in small groups. Specific skill areas are targeted, depending on students' needs. This support is in addition to the instruction students receive in the general education classroom.