Spring Happenings

April - June

As we move into the final months of our school year, our calendars and to-do lists become especially full. To help keep you organized, we're aggregating some of the most important calendar and action items right here!

Special Events

Important Deadlines and Action Items

End-of-Year Medication Pick-Up

All medications, prescription as well as over-the-counter, will be placed in the student backpack on the last day of school unless the parent makes other arrangements to pick up medications. Any controlled substances such as Adderall, methylphenidate or Diazepam must be picked up by a parent by the end of the last day of school or medications will be destroyed. If you have any questions, call the health paraprofessional at your student's school.

For parents of students attending Home Base this summer, you will need to bring your student's medications (along with medical orders and forms) to Home Base at the start of their summer session. These items will not be transferred from the health office to Home Base at the end of the school year.