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Even though meals are free, it's still very important that you complete the Application for Educational Benefits.

Why it's important to apply

  • Your children may qualify for reduced fees for:
    • School photography packages
    • Activities
    • Internet
    • Local zoos and museums
    • Cell phone providers
  • Your application helps our district qualify for education funds and discounts

Who can apply

You can apply without reporting household income if you are 

  • A foster child
  • A migrant
  • Experiencing homelessness
  • Someone who has runaway from home

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Fast Pass

To provide a safe, efficient, and easy dismissal for our families, North Woods offers a drive-up option called Fast Pass for parents who pick-up their child(ren) every day. Please read, sign, and return this agreement if you are interested in participating in the Fast Pass program and willing to follow its guidelines.

Fast Pass Agreement Form