School Forms

Fast Pass Form 2023-24

To provide a safe, efficient, and easy dismissal for our families, Meadow Ridge offers a drive-up option called Fast Pass for parents who pick up their children every day.  Please read, and submit the form if you are interested in participating in the Fast Pass program and willing to follow its guidelines. Families with an irregular pick up pattern will park and walk into the building to pick up their child.

Fast Pass Guidelines

The driver who picks up the child(ren) must agree to the following:

  •  Arrive on campus and be parked along the curb in the upper lot by 2:15 p.m.  All students must be picked up by no later than 2:30 p.m. Fast Pass students who are not picked up by 2:30 p.m. will be escorted to the office and must be signed out by the driver. Three late pickups will result in no longer having Fast Pass as a pick-up option. Please plan accordingly in the event of bad weather.
  • Display the Fast Pass at pick-up time so that the staff member working the Fast Pass line can easily spot it. Family members will receive two Fast Pass cards for multiple family members.
  • If you must park in a space, please walk to the sidewalk with your Fast Pass, show it to the staff member, and walk your child(ren) to the vehicle.
  • You must call the office or have your child deliver a note to the office by 1:45 p.m. if there is a change to your normal routine and you will not be using Fast Pass.

The child(ren) being picked up must do the following:

  • Sit by grade level in the main entry.
  • Wait quietly until they hear their names called.
  • Walk safely out to the vehicle.  

Fast pass numbers will be available for pick up at Open House Wednesday September 1 or during regular school hours in the main office.