Wayzata Learns: A flexible plan for the 2020-2021 school year

Based on the current trends of COVID-19 in our community, we are prepared to flex between several learning scenarios as needed throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Visit our Wayzata Learns webpage to stay up-to-date and learn more.


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Art, STEM, theater and more! Students can participate in many Community Education youth enrichment programs at our school.


Group B, Day 5


      Inspired Community

      768 Incredible Students
      Our 768 students and their families inspired every aspect of our new school community. Their compassion for one another and love for learning guided our 2016 opening and guides us today.

      Compassionate Community

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      All of our students participate in quarterly service projects. Whether we are making blankets for a hospital NICU or writing thank you notes to fire fighters, we always try to help others and thank those who help us.

      Global Community

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      Our students come from very diverse backgrounds. We celebrate and learn from our diversity every day. Each January, we shine a spotlight on it during Culture Week.

      Connected Community

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      Our monthly mixers connect students across grade levels so they can know, appreciate and be a friend to students in all of our grades. We have 60 mixer "families" with 15 students each.

      Learning Community

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      Our students are not the only active learners in our school. Over 80% of our teachers have Master's Degrees 100% of them continue to grow and learn through a range of professional development programs.