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Art, STEM, theater and more! Students can participate in many Community Education youth enrichment programs at our school.



    Incredible Students

    628 Incredible Students
    Every day, our building is bustling with 628 incredible students who are busy learning, making friends, caring for others and growing in confidence.

    Caring Families

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    Our caring families collected nearly 4,000 items for the NFL's 2018 Super Kids - Super Sharing campaign.

    Diverse Backgrounds

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    Our students represented more than 20 countries, and we celebrate them all.

    Eager Readers

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    In the first 100 days of school, our students, teachers and staff checked out more than 31,500 paper and ebooks from our media center.

    Monthly Acts of Service

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    We do something every month to help someone else - from making cards for seniors to packing sandwiches for those experiencing homelessness.

    Active Energy Savers

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    We're reducing our carbon footprint! In the 2016-17 school we used 142 metric tons less than the previous year.