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Spring Happenings

What's happening at Greenwood this Spring?

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Learn about great parent volunteer opportunities!

More Opportunities

Art, STEM, theater and more! Students can participate in many Community Education youth enrichment programs at our school.



    Incredible Students

    775 Incredible Students
    We have 775 students in grades K-5. Each has their own incredible story tell and we are thrilled to be part of it.


    These three social media hashtags show our students engaged in learning: #GWgreats, #GWreads, #GWmakers

    Playground Feature

    #1 Graphic
    Our Gaga Pit is #1 for fun on our playground!

    Mobile Makerspace Carts

    WiFi/Technology icon
    These carts with high, low and no-tech supplies help students engage in collaborative, creative learning wherever they are.

    Active Energy Savers

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    We're reducing our carbon footprint! In the 2016-17 school we used 62 metric tons less than the previous year.