Important Numbers

Main Office
P: 763-745-5400
F: 763-745-5491

24-Hour Attendance Line

Home Base


School Hours
8:30 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

Home Base Hours
Before school 6:30-8:30 a.m.
After school 3:10-6:15 p.m.

Lunch Schedule
Bright Start: 10:50-11:20
Kindergarten I: 11:30-12:00
Kindergarten II: 12:00-12:30
First Grade: 12:40-1:00
Second Grade: 11:50-12:10
Third Grade: 12:15-12:35
Fourth Grade: 11:00-11:20
Fifth Grade: 11:25-11:45

Main Office Staff

Mary McKasy

Kathy Mueller
Building Secretary

Karen Arkesteyn
Office Paraprofessional

Resource Staff

Linda Chong Tim
Health Paraprofessional

Jessica Bedford
Social Worker

Michelle Ryynanen
Home Base Manager

Drop Off/Pick Up Safety Reminders

Student safety is of the utmost importance. In order for us to ensure this occurs, parents are asked to adhere to the signage placed throughout the parking lot and also to the following guidelines when dropping off or picking up students at school.

One-way Traffic

The parking lot and drop off area is a one-way traffic lane only. Buses and cars will enter together along the front of the building and vehicles will circle through the length of the parking lot to exit. The space between the two center islands is for pedestrian traffic only. No vehicles are permitted to pass through.

Bus Lane

Buses enter the parking lot from 1st Avenue. They will proceed past the front of the school and will continue around to the back of the school (bus only lane). Students enter the building using one of two entrances in the back of the school building. Students also exit through these doors at the end of the day. Buses depart from the bus lane located next to the playground. This is for buses only and will be blocked off during school hours.

Pick up and drop off for noontime kindergarten buses will occur in the front of the building.

Morning Drop-Off

Vehicles will enter the parking lot from 1st Avenue and continue towards the front of the building in a single lane. Buses will stay towards the left and continue in the bus-only lane. Vehicles will stay to the right in the drop-off lane next to the sidewalk. During the hours of 8:10-8:35 a.m., there is no parking in this area. Please do not park and leave your vehicle unattended in this area.

After drop-off, vehicles then merge together with the bus lane into a single lane of traffic, just past the flagpole.

This is a single lane of moving traffic and not a parking or drop-off area. At the end of this single lane, buses veer to the right to the bus-only lane, and vehicles veer to the left to exit through the one way, single lane parking lot.

Dismissal Pick-up

  • Parents must send a written note to the classroom teacher in the morning, indicating who will be picking up your child.
  • If you will be picking up your child every day, one note for the year will suffice. However, if there is ever a change in that routine, a note is required.
  • If your child regularly takes the bus or goes to Home Base, a note is only required if there is a change in that routine.
  • Students with a Pick-Up Pass will go to the Media loft and give the pass to a staff member who is supervising the area.
  • The parent or the individual picking up the student will need to sign the student out at the “bubble” area and wait by the “bubble” until the student is released to the adult.
  • Parents are required to park their cars and come into the building to get their children. The front of the building is marked for parking places at this time of day.
  • Parents are responsible for picking up children promptly at 3:10 p.m.
  • No child is permitted to wait on the playground or any other location on school grounds until an adult picks him/her up.
  • Do not leave voice or email messages for teachers regarding any changes after the school day has started. There is no guarantee that teachers will pick up those messages once the day begins.
  • If your child should need to leave during the school day (e.g. doctor or dentist appointment) you will need to come into the main office and sign him/her out.
  • Make arrangements early so your child knows what the plan is. Talk about it before he/she leaves for school in the morning.
  • Please avoid picking up children early between 2:45 and 3:10. They miss important organizational skills as they prepare to pack up and go home. It is also a very busy time of day to try and communicate with classroom teachers.