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  • Please enter your email address. If it matches the email the district has on file, you will be sent an email containing your login and a link that can be used to reset your password.
  • You will receive an email with a link to reset your password

Register for Skyward Family Access™Parents and Legal Guardians or call 763-745-6014

  • Parents and Guardians New to Family Access™
  • Family Access™ logins and passwords belongs to the parent/guardian of the student.
  • Family Access Technicians can only respond to a request from a parent/guardian for a login and password to Family Access™.
  • Please allow up to 5 working days for processing as this is not an automated process, but requires manual intervention and verification.


Jessica Scholla and Amy Sorensen
Skyward Support Technicians
Skyward Helpdesk: 763-745-6014

In Skyward Family Access, parents of middle school and high school students can view grades, assignments, test scores, discipline, report cards, health records, message center, emergency contacts, attendance and bus schedules.

Parents of elementary school students can view test scores, report cards, health records, message center, emergency contacts, attendance and bus schedules.

Help Videos

Elementary Schools Report Card Scoring Guides

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Scoring Guide

3rd through 5th Grade Scoring Guide

Note: Portions of Family Access are not accessible during schedule changes or at the end of grading periods until schedules and grades are finalized. This means that scheduling information is not available during August until school starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Skyward Family Access, Parents and Guardians have the ability to update and add email addresses, change passwords, and update phone numbers. However, for changes in home addresses, names, and/or family members please contact the Wayzata Public Schools Welcome Center at 763-745-5240.

  1. Skyward Family Access Login ID: The default login convention is the first five characters of your last name followed by the first three characters of your first name, followed by three numbers (usually 000).

  2. Retrieving forgotten Logins or Passwords: Go to the Skyward login page and click on the “Forgot your Login/Password?” link. Enter your email address. If it matches the email we have on file you will be sent an email containing your login and a link to reset your password. If your email has changed, or you do not have an email in Skyward, please call 763-745-6014 or sign-up by clicking here.

  3. Multiple Children under One Family Access Account: If a parent/guardian has multiple children all student information will be displayed under a single parent/guardian account.

  4. Parent/Guardian Individual Accounts: Each parent/guardian in the district is issued a Family Access account. Emails for each parent/guardian must be unique.

  5. Changing or adding an email address, phone number, or emergency contact: Log into Skyward, select the Student Info link on the left. In the Student Information screen click on the "Request Changes for _____" tab towards the upper-right. From the drop-down menu, choose Family Information to make changes to your phone or e-mail addresses or select one of the emergency contact items. Fill in any changes or additions and click Save. Note: Emails for each parent/guardian must be unique.

  6. Updating Skylert Emergency Contact Information: In Skyward Family Access, click on the Skylert button on the left hand menu. Click the edit button to update phone numbers, emails, and text message numbers (standard text messaging rates may apply). You can also determine what type of communication you would like to receive with each phone number, email, and text message.

  7. Changing passwords: Log into Skyward, select the My Account link in the upper right corner. On the right side of this page you will see the "Change Password" button.
    Hover here for tips for creating a "strong" password.

  8. Assignments and tests in Family Access: After entering Skyward, click on the Gradebook link. This will give you a list of classes and grades. Click on a grade, and a new window will open displaying further details about the selected grade.

  9. Bus information in Skyward: After logging in to Skyward, click the Student Info tab. From here click on the link labeled View Bus Schedule. In the pop-up window you will find Pickup and Drop Off Bus Stops.

Account Settings

With Family Access, you can determine which alerts you receive about your child, how you’re notified, and in what language the information is displayed. Learn how in this 60-Second Power-Up!


Use your Family Access calendar to stay on top of your child’s important dates and reminders – from tests and due dates to field trips and sporting events. Learn how in this 60-Second Power-Up!

Checking Grades

With Family Access, you can get an up-to-date look at your child's grades, upcoming assignments, progress toward graduation, and more... learn how in this 60-Second Power-Up!


With the social media-inspired message center in Family Access, you can stay in touch with teachers, coaches, and administrators. Learn how in this 60-Second Power-Up!

Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler

Parent-teacher conferences should be a no-hassle, no-sweat process. Now, you can use Family Access to view teacher calendars and reserve a time slot that works for you. Learn how in this 60-Second Power-Up!

Conference Scheduling Instruction