Wayzata Early Learning School

ABE Early Learning (Adult Basic Education)

Program Updates:

All preschool and Early Childhood Special Education students will participate in in-person learning every day they are scheduled to be in school (some attend full time and some attend part time). All of the safety measures applied to K-12 in-person learning will also be applied to our preschool. Class sizes will be smaller than the pre COVID-19 class sizes—no more than 50% capacity. We will keep students six feet apart.

If the district is in a distance learning scenario, the preschool classes will also shift to that model. Students will meet virtually with their teachers and classmates each day they are scheduled to have class. There will be a curriculum and a social emotional learning focus of each class session. Additional opportunities will be provided as an option for families for group virtual activities and parent education sessions.

Intent to Return to ABE Early Learning - Fall 2020

Are you enrolled in Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes? We provide childcare and preschool for your infants and children up to age 5 while you are taking your classes. You and your children will all be in the same building. Call us to learn more.

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Childcare

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Classes


Sandi Loxton
Early Childhood Education Coordinator