Wayzata Early Learning School


HUG Visits

Our Early Childhood Family Education specialists want to meet you and your newborn. We'll stop by your home, drop off a gift and tell you all about our services. It's all free.

Help Me Grow

Review developmental milestones and, when appropriate, make a referral.

Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is required for all children between the ages of 3 and 5. It's free.


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4 Early Learning Sites
We serve families at four sites - Wayzata Early Learning School, Interfaith Outreach, Lakeview Commons and Shenandoah Woods.

Parent Advisors

19 Parent Advisors
Nineteen parent volunteers help shape our programs by serving on our advisory board.


28 Countries
Families from 28 countries participate in our programs and energize our early learning community.

Staff Members

80 Staff members
Eighty teachers, paras and administrative staff members work together to give our students great learning experiences.


Our Community Outreach Team connected with 300 families in its first six months.


600 Students
Every year, more than 600 students and families enjoy over 75 learning opportunities through our school.