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Our district is committed to supporting literacy for each and every student. One of the ways we do this is by providing access to Co:Writer Universal, a software program that assists students with spelling, keyboarding and text to speech. It narrows the gap between thought and written words.

Co:Writer is available to all of our students and teachers via your iPad's Self Service app. Create a free account using your district Gmail address and password.

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What devices can I use to access Co:Writer Universal?


Co:Writer is an app on the iPad.

When you've signed up for the app, you can also set your iPad's iOS keyboard to Co:Writer, making Co:Writer supports available in any word processing app.

All preferences set up on your iPad will also show up when you access Co:Writer on your computer.


On your computer, Co:Writer Universal can be accessed in the three ways outlined below. Account settings, preferences, and topic dictionaries will show up in all environments. Voice to text is also built on computers only, not on iPads.

  1. Use your Chrome browser, to access Co:Writer Universal for word processing on your computer for activities like email, Google Docs, Canvas, blogs or any of their computer's word processing tools.
  2. Download the Chrome app. It will auto sync with your iPad app and allow to use Co:Writer just as you would on your iPad. Benefits to user: larger keyboard and screen.
  3. Download Co:Writer to any PC or Mac computer to use it with Microsoft Office and most other word processing programs.

How do I set up Co:Writer Universal?

District iPad

  1. Download Co:Writer Universal from Self Service.
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your account.
  3. Use your staff or student district Gmail address and password to sign-up.

Home Computer

Data Collection for Teachers

Through the Educator Dashboard, teachers are able to view when their students signed up, number of words written, amount of time spent using Co:Writer and word types (academic, transition and important).

Data Collection