Wayzata Public Schools

Policy 510-R Title IX Sex Nondiscrimination Policy, Grievance Procedure and Process

  • 500 – Students

This process accompanies Policy #510, and describes the procedure that the Wayzata School District will follow when a formal complaint of sexual harassment has been filed. Questions regarding this process may be addressed to Stacie Vos, Wayzata’s Title IX Coordinator. Ms. Vos may be contacted at 210 County Road 101, Plymouth MN, 55441, 763-745-5014, Stacie.Vos@wayzataschools.org.

It is also the policy of the Wayzata School District to respond promptly to known allegations of sexual harassment in its educational program(s) and/or activities in a manner that is not deliberately indifferent. This process governs the Wayzata School District’s response to formal complaints. It is the policy of Wayzata School District to ensure that complainants and respondents are treated equally under this process. If any opportunity to participate in the grievance process is or is not made available to one party, the same opportunity shall be made available (or unavailable) to the other party.

Title IX Formal Complaint Form