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September 2023 Employee of the Month

September 2023 Employee of the Month

September 2023 Employee of the Month
Greg Welle-2nd Grade Teacher
Oakwood Elementary

Oakwood Elementary principal, Sarabeth deNeui, recalls her first meeting with Greg Welle back in the spring of 2012. Greg was a new teacher interviewing for a job in the Wayzata Public Schools. She remembers he was so sincere, kind and earnest in the interview and knew he would be a great addition to her staff. From that interview, he was hired as a second grade teacher at Oakwood Elementary, where he still remains as a fixture on the team.

Greg has been revered as the teacher who has made the difference in the school experience for many students. Many families have shared stories about how Mr. Welle helped their child flourish in his classroom. Families have also shared that they feel like he really knows their child and has been great with communication. He is a fierce advocate for all learners and will often share some ideas that he has that he would like to try in the classroom. For example, Greg likes music and wanted to find a way to incorporate some into the classroom. He has a variety of songs that he uses for breaks and for different transitions throughout the day. When you pass by the classroom, you often hear students humming or singing an 80s ballad as they get their items ready for math.

Greg is a leader in the building and he always offers to help with anything that might be needed. He has taught an after school leadership program and continues to connect and help with buses in the morning and afternoons. Mr. Welle has endless positive qualities as an educator. The one that stands out the most is how his decisions are always student-focused, and what is best for their learning. 

Congratulations to Greg Welle on being selected as the September 2023 Wayzata Public Schools Employe of the Month!