Wayzata Public Schools

October 2022 Employee of the Month

October 2022 Employee of the Month

Carrie Freeman - Meadow Ridge Elementary

Meadow Ridge is pleased to nominate Carrie Freeman, office paraprofessional, as the October Wayzata Employee of the Month. When Meadow Ridge opened in 2016, Carrie was an active parent, serving on the PTO, and a dedicated volunteer. In 2017, she was hired as the front office paraprofessional and has been an integral part of our community ever since.

As a former science teacher, Carrie understands what “school life” is like from an insider’s perspective. She knows that when teachers are happy, students are happy. She is the first person with whom visitors interact, and she ensures that it is always positive. Visitors are put at ease as she assists them with the sign-in system and directions to where they are going.

It was during the 2020 shutdown when Carrie earned the title of “Copier Queen.” To keep everyone safe, she became the only person who could touch the copier, and that continues to this day. Wouldn’t you know it, her positivity rubbed off on the copier as well, as it rarely goes down anymore! When it was time for the copier to be replaced last year, Carrie made sure it got a proper goodbye, complete with balloons and a cake. It’s the little extras she dreams up that affect the culture in such a positive way.

Nominators had this to say about Carrie Freeman:

  • Carrie goes "above and beyond" to support teachers and complete her work.
  • She always has a positive attitude and treats others with respect.
  • Carrie is incredibly hard working, efficient & does EVERYTHING with a smile!
  • She is such an asset to our community. She does so much for all the teachers to make sure our classrooms can run smoothly, and is always so quick with everything in the office and so willing to help!
  • In addition, Carrie manages attendance and lunch count, mail, laminating, phone calls, students coming to the office, and always seems to know when we need a little fun, which often includes cake.

We are so grateful for all Carrie does and how her positivity influences the office and the entire building. You are Meadow Ridge!