Wayzata Public Schools

July 2022 Employee of the Month

July 2022 Employee of the Month

Jeri Klein - Wayzata Transition Work Coordinator

Jeri Klein has worked for the Wayzata Public Schools since 2014. Before that, she worked in the Robbinsdale Public
Schools where she provided quality special education services to elementary through transition aged students as a
special education teacher and a work coordinator.

When Jeri joined Wayzata Public Schools she began her career at Plymouth Creek and Gleason Lake as a resource
special education teacher. She then moved over to Central Middle School working in the Specially Designed
Classroom. After working at the middle school for a couple of years, she went to the high school where she worked as
an applied math special education teacher. As soon as there was an opening for a work coordinator, Jeri jumped at the
chance to move into this role.

In the spring of 2019, the district made the decision to open a transition program and began interviewing candidates.
Jeri was selected as the work coordinator to help get the program off the ground. With her extensive experience in
work coordination, Jeri was able to hit the ground running. Jeri easily developed many relationships with our business
community and secured many work experience opportunities for the first group of Wayzata Transition students. In the
first year, Jeri had secured more job sites than we had students!

When the pandemic hit, we were at a loss for what we were going to get students in the community as this is a major
component of the program. Jeri was instrumental in finding alternative community experiences by bringing them to us.
Jeri worked diligently to secure work experiences within the district and working with our community partners to
bring work activities into the building. Jeri has been a foundational member of the program. She has worked and
continues to build many partnerships with the community businesses for the Wayzata Transition students.

Jeri is an active member of WEA, attends and facilitates AWE classes, teaches ESY, attends continuing education classes, and jumps into anything that will further her knowledge to support our Wayzata Transition students. Jeri
comes to work every day with a positive attitude and a mountain of motivation. She is a ray of sunshine to the
Transition team.

Congratulations Jeri! Thank you for your service, innovation and dedication to all of our students!