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Tyler Shepard Named Minnesota Assistant Principal of the Year

Tyler Shepard Named Minnesota Assistant Principal of the Year

Tyler Shepard, associate principal at Wayzata High School, has been named this year’s recipient of the Minnesota Assistant Principal of the Year Award by the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP). Shepard has served as associate principal at Wayzata High School for the past six years and he has been a school administrator for seven years.
Shepard earned the award with high praise from his school community. A teacher in his building shares that Shepard is a positive and innovative problem-solver who looks at issues with a fresh perspective, stating, “Where most people see roadblocks, he sees opportunities.” The teacher goes on to say, “Tyler’s willingness to think differently and make things happen inspires me to continually evolve and grow my own personal practice.” 

Scott Gengler, Wayzata High School principal, shares Tyler's curious nature and invites shared leadership among the school's staff. Gengler explains, "Tyler has been instrumental in supporting student-centered systems that empower our entire school community.” 

Shepard is truly making an impact within the school community at Wayzata High School. One parent states it best, “Tyler engages with all students, all levels, all backgrounds and interests, and he does so to ensure that all students feel welcomed, challenged, respected and comfortable within the learning community.” 

Shepard was one of three principals selected to represent Minnesota as the MASSP Principals of the Year. These individuals have been selected by their peers for their strong leadership. In addition, they are now eligible to be considered for the National Principal (Assistant Principal) of the Year honors.