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Technology is Essential in Today’s Classrooms

Technology is Essential in Today’s Classrooms

Technology has transformed the way students learn, making learning more interactive, engaging and effective. Teachers are able to personalize learning experiences to meet the needs of each and every student, with a more hands-on approach using iPads, interactive whiteboards and other technology tools and systems.  

Wayzata Public Schools relies on local funding to maintain the level of technology currently provided for students and staff. The funding helps pay for technology-related needs, including: 

  • Up-to-date technology devices for all students and staff 

  • Instructional software and online resources 

  • Interactive classroom equipment 

  • Classroom amplification systems and other assistive technology

  • Student and family communication tools

Here are just a few of the many ways our students are benefiting from technology in the classroom:

  • Teachers use learning management systems such as Canvas and Seesaw to give students real-time feedback and progress monitoring. These interactive and collaborative tools allow parents to monitor their student’s learning.

  • English Language Learners in all grade levels use translation tools on their school-issued iPads to communicate with their teacher and each other. Teachers create personalized learning paths for students and share access to online resources in their home language, which support and enhance learning in the classroom. 

  • Kindergarten students focus on important lessons about digital citizenship, caring for digital devices, learning the basics of coding (sequencing and loops), classroom content- related tools and digital art tools. Classrooms currently use apps such as Kodable, CodeSpark, code.org and Scratch to solve sequencing puzzles. 

  • High School students in architecture and design classes use Sketch Up to design homes and structures for different departments at school and then they use a 3D virtual reality software on their iPad to experience their design.

  • Skyward Family Access is the district’s student information system. Families can login to find information for students such as report cards, emergency contact information, student schedules and attendance.

Technology is essential to personalize learning for each and every student in Wayzata Public Schools. Students and staff rely on technology support every day in our schools, as well as cyber and physical security for the safety of our students. Learn more on the Technology web page

On November 7, Wayzata Public Schools will ask district voters to consider renewing an existing Technology Levy. Learn more about what's on the ballot and how you can vote on or before November 7 on the 2023 Tech Levy webpage.