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Technology is Critical to Keep Students and Staff Safe

Technology is Critical to Keep Students and Staff Safe

From the learning that occurs in the classroom to after-school events and online learning at home, Wayzata Public Schools relies on technology to help ensure the safety of all students and staff.

Physical security goes beyond cameras in buildings and classrooms. Technology is used in a variety of ways to keep students and staff physically safe in our schools:

  • ID badges are required for staff in Wayzata Public Schools. The badges are designed to provide immediate identification as well as controlled access to buildings.

  • All visitors entering a school building during school hours enter through the school’s main office and must sign in to the district’s online “Raptor” system. Raptor helps the district streamline the visitor screening process and provides a check against offender databases while allowing for real-time monitoring of individuals in schools.

  • Security cameras help to ensure the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors by monitoring entrances, hallways, and other common areas. In case of emergencies, they are valuable to first responders or incident response.

  • Safety communications systems are used to aid in crisis management and student reunification. These tools empower our staff to help prevent, prepare, and respond to various school crises or preparation events, like fire drills.

Cybersecurity is critical in education today. Students learn through technology and keeping devices and systems secure is crucial in keeping students, teachers and the district safe from potential cyberattacks.

  • Wayzata Public Schools focuses on raising cybersecurity awareness among staff and students. The district has implemented a formal, industry-benchmarked cybersecurity program and annual audit with a 3-year continuous improvement plan.

  • Systems are in place to provide 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring of critical district systems, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and the application of regular updates and patch management.

  • Cybersecurity measures are in place to safeguard private information and ensure compliance with privacy laws in the storage and use of student data.

  • Cybersecurity initiatives also extend to promoting a safe and respectful online environment. Partnering with classroom teachers to help educate students on digital citizenship to ensure responsible and ethical behavior online.

Technology is critical in ensuring that students and staff are safe in our schools and as they learn digitally. Schools need the best tools available to ensure the physical safety of students and staff, as well as to protect devices and networks from the full range of cybersecurity threats.

On November 7, Wayzata Public Schools will ask district voters to consider renewing an existing Technology Levy. Learn more about what's on the ballot and how you can vote on or before November 7 on the 2023 Tech Levy web page.