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The iPad is the Greatest School Supply of All Time

The iPad is the Greatest School Supply of All Time

Now that the tournament is over, we have a winner! In a thrilling championship showdown, the iPad emerged victorious, defeating the iconic #2 pencil. It’s March. It’s Madness. And we've witnessed the epic clash in the Greatest School Supply of All Time bracket challenge.

While some may argue that the #2 pencil is a classic, essential tool of the trade, the iPad's versatility and modern capabilities have secured its place as the ultimate school supply champion.

Throughout the tournament, we've seen heated matchups: SMART Board vs. ballpoint pen, trapper keeper vs. spacemaker, and many more. These battles have sparked lively debates and nostalgia-fueled discussions about the tools that shaped our educational experiences.

Here’s a recap of how the competition unfolded:

  • The competition featured 32 carefully selected supplies, seeded based on popularity.
  • Each region had eight seeds, setting the stage for intense head-to-head matchups.
  • Polls were conducted on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, with the supply receiving more votes advancing to the next round.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this journey to crown the Greatest School Supply of All Time. Your enthusiasm and engagement made this tournament a success, reminding us of the importance and impact of these essential tools in education. Until next time, keep learning and embracing the tools that inspire greatness!

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