Wayzata Public Schools

Culinary Express Commitment Log

Frequently Asked Questions about Culinary Express Elementary Changes

Why is the district making changes to the elementary meals program this year?
Last spring, Culinary Express gathered feedback about our elementary meal program from parents and staff as part of the department’s continuous improvement work. As a result of the feedback, we are making changes to our elementary program beginning this fall.

What changes are being made?
This fall, students, staff and parents can expect to see some food items go away, some foods or meals replaced with healthier options, and some new food items or recipes introduced. The changes include:

  • reducing artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives and bleached flour.
  • serving more whole grains and less sugar, such as reducing the frequency of when we offer chocolate milk and juice.
  • partnering with a local food hub and a local marketing firm to emphasize local foods and increase student and parent education about nutrition in fun ways.

Will families have to pay more as a result of the changes?
No. We are making all of these changes without any price increases.

Will you provide information about what’s in the new foods?
Yes. Culinary Express will continue to provide ingredient information about our meals through Nutrislice.