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Berit Kyllo Francis - Graduated 1979 - Inducted 2016

Berit Kyllo Francis – Wayzata High School 2016 Distinguished AlumniBerit Kyllo Francis is co-chair of the St. Jude Gala, an avid advocate against sexual violence and a former member of RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). She recently began supporting a documentary film entitled Brave Miss World, which she hopes will reach people of all ages, especially high school students.

Berit has faced many challenges throughout her life. Her response to those challenges is what makes her a notable Wayzata alum. While working in California, she was a victim of sexual violence. She speaks about how that experience shook her and ultimately determined the path her life would take.

Berit uses her own survivor experience to discuss the issue of sexual violence and to encourage people affected to get support and help. She advocates for social change by changing perceptions and helping to eradicate negative stigmas still associated with sexual assault survivors. She has successfully lobbied for more funding for DNA testing of backlogged rape kits.

Judy Olausen - Graduated 1962 - Inducted 2015

Judy Olausen – Wayzata High School 2015 Distinguished Alumni

Raised in Wayzata, Judy Olausen graduated from Wayzata High School in 1962, and went on to the University of Minnesota with a plan to study architecture. When she was unable to get a class she wanted, Judy substituted a photojournalism class, which changed the course of her life and her career. She graduated from the U of MN in 1967, with a B.A. in general arts and a B.S. in photojournalism.

In 1968, she taught photography at St. Cloud State University for one year, and then became a photojournalist for the Minneapolis Tribune. During her vacations she would freelance and travel the world, taking pictures. From the jungles of the Seychelles, to black opal mines in Australia, and even an opportunity to search for the Tasmanian devil in Tasmania, Olausen was becoming a world-renowned professional photographer. While in Ireland, Judy created portraits of centenarians and the last survivor of the Titanic.

In 1981, Olausen was named one of the 10 best photographers in the world by the Hasselblad Foundation. The international award recognizes photographers who have made pioneering achievements in photographic art. Recognized along with Ansel Adams, Judy was also the only woman on the list.

A woman who followed her passion and achieved international recognition, Judy is a creative, focused and dedicated professional. Judy Olausen’s many achievements and contributions merit her selection as the recipient of the 2015 Wayzata High School Distinguished Alumni Award.

Earl Sween - Graduated 1938 - Inducted 2014

Distinguished Alumni: Earl Sween, Graduated 1938, Inducted 2014After working at the family's Wayzata dairy throughout high school and college at the University of Minnesota, Earl Sween founded the E.A. Sween Company in 1955, as a Minnesota franchise of the Stewart Sandwich Company. He made and sold sandwiches to bars, bowling alleys and marinas. Within three months, the business doubled in size, selling over 3,000 sandwiches per week.

By 1965, the company became the #1 Stewart Franchise in the nation. The company switched its focus to convenience stores attached to gas stations and expanded its Eden Prairie facility to keep up with growth and became the first in the industry to carry USDA approved products. In 1980, E.A. Sween ended its franchise agreement with Stewart Sandwiches and started the independent brand Deli Express. In 1986, Earl passed ownership of the company to his son, Tom Sween.

A very successful entrepreneur and employer of thousands, Earl Sween is a deserving recipient of the 2014 Wayzata High School Distinguished Alumni Award.

Gary Gandrud - Graduated 1962 - Inducted 2013

Distinguished Alumni: Gary Gandlund, Graduated 1962, Inducted 2013In January 2012, Gary Gandrud retired as a partner in the law firm Faegre & Benson, where he had practiced for 25 years and started his own practice, Gandrud Law, primarily representing Holiday Companies, Costco and the Spectrum Group. He was one of four lead counsels representing the Metropolitan Airports Commission in the runway expansion at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. He has worked on many significant land use matters, including the Mall of America, Holiday Companies, Minnesota Masonic Home, Metropolitan Sports Center, countless shopping centers, warehouses and office developments. He also acted as outside counsel for USA Hockey, Inc., the National governing body of the sport of men's and women's ice hockey and in-line skating.

In 2007, Gary received the Ambassador's Award for his dedication and significant contributions to strengthening the ties between Norway and the United States. In recognition of his contributions, he was decorated by His Majesty King Harold V of Norway. From August 1, 2008 until January 15, 2010, he served as the Norwegian Honorary Counsel; he succeeded Vice President Walter F. Mondale as Honorary Counsel General.

A man who balances family commitments with professional and civic responsibilities, a successful lawyer, and a proud Norwegian, Gary is a leader, a hard worker and a dedicated individual. Gary Gandrud's many achievements and contributions merit his selection as the recipient of the 2013 Wayzata High School Distinguished Alumni Award.

Tracy Barnes - Graduated 1957 - Inducted 2012

Distinguished Alumni: Tracy Barnes, Graduated 1957, Inducted 2012After graduating from high school and serving in the U.S. Army Airborne Division, Tracy Barnes made his first hot air balloon in the backyard of his Wayzata family home, using a sewing machine, two propane tanks and some nylon cloth. By 1964, he had designed and constructed the "Barnes A14", the first manned hydrogen-filled polyethylene balloon. On a flight in his creation, Tracy reached an altitude of 38,650 feet and established seven world altitude records that stand to date. 

In 1966, Tracy made the first trans-continental flight by hot air balloon, flying from San Diego, CA to Cape May, NJ in a series of 34 flights and a total flight time of 200 hours. In 1973, he made the first flight in an aircraft solely powered by solar energy in a tetrahedron shaped balloon. This was the first manned flight of what is now called a "tetroon".

On October 30, 2007, Tracy was granted a patent for a new tethered blimp design for the British Military; the design is currently in use by the British in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008, Tracy was inducted into the U.S Ballooning Hall of Fame.

Now president of Statesville, NC-based Blimp Works, Tracy is still actively designing. His amazing world-wide contributions in the area of modern hot air balloons make Tracy Barnes a deserving recipient of the 2012 WHS Distinguished Alumni award.

Dick Beardsley - Graduated 1975 - Inducted 2011

Distinguished Alumni: Dick Beardsley, Graduated 1975, Inducted 2011Dick Beardsley is a distinguished marathon runner, an inspirational speaker, and the mainstay of the Dick Beardsley Foundation, which was created to educate people on the disease of chemical dependency. Hospitalized many times as a result of a series of accidents and surgeries, Dick developed a dependency to prescription pain medication. Following an intensive treatment program, he emerged in February 1997 free of drugs.

Dick is the subject of the 2006 book Duel in the Sun by John Brant about the unforgettable 2002 Boston Marathon and his finish two seconds behind Alberto Salazar. The story of his life is being made into an inspirational feature film, Against the Wind.

Dick Beardsley's outstanding achievements as a marathoner, an inspirational speaker, a foundation director, and a person who is passionate about his recovery merit his recognition as the 2011 WHS Distinguished Alumni.

Jeanne J. Graham - Graduated 1976 - Inducted 2009

Distinguished Alumni: Jeanne J. Graham, Graduated 1976, Inducted 2009The Honorable Jeanne J. Graham, U.S. Magistrate Judge, is the 2009 award recipient. After graduating from Wayzata High School and earning a degree in chemistry from Gustavus Adolphus College, Jeanne obtained her J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law and began her legal career. Her positions have included serving as: law clerk to a U.S. Magistrate Judge, Special Assistant Attorney General and an Assistant U.S. Attorney. She was appointed Hennepin County District Court Judge in 2001.

As a federal prosecutor, Graham was responsible for prosecuting all crimes that occurred on the Red Lake and Bois Forte Indian Reservations, due to unique federal jurisdiction in those areas. She now serves as the U.S. Magistrate Judge for the District of Minnesota where she presides over federal, civil and criminal matters from the inception of the case.

Additionally, she represented the District in the Open World Program, training visiting Russian judges in Washington D.C. and has given her time and capacities to organizations working to combat domestic violence and drug abuse.

Jeanne J. Graham's contributions and her character qualify her to receive the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Scott Kloeck-Jenson - Graduated 1983 - Inducted 2008

Distinguished Alumni: Scott Kloeck-Jenson, Graduated 1983, Inducted 2008At Wayzata High School, Scott Kloeck-Jenson participated in debate, tennis, National Honor Society and was chosen to be a graduation commencement speaker. At St. Olaf College, his passion for peace and justice issues on an international level began with his participation in a Study/Service Program in South Korea.

After graduating magna cum laude in 1987, Scott joined the Peace Corps and lived in Africa. He was awarded the first Sargent Shriver Peaceworker Fellowship at Georgetown University and a Fulbright Scholarship. He enrolled in a political science doctorate program at the University of Wisconsin and served as the project director for the school's Land Tenure Center Program.

In 1999, while vacationing in Mozambique, Scott, his wife and two children were killed in a tragic car accident. The Kloeck-Jenson Endowment for Peace and Justice Studies was created by Scott's family and friends at St. Olaf. It's purpose is to provide funding for academic initiatives that encourage deeper study of peace and justice issues, to inspire future generations to become participants in making peace a driving force around the world.

For his vision and commitment to peace and justice, and for the life he lived, Scott Kloeck-Jenson is a worthy recipient of the 2008 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Paul Klapprich - Graduated 1955 - Inducted 2007

Distinguished Alumni: Paul Klapprich, Graduated 1955, Inducted 2007Paul Klapprich began making a difference in the Wayzata area as a young boy. He spent a great deal of time organizing baseball games on the only ball field in town. Repeatedly disappointed when the older boys would come and kick the younger boys off of the field, Paul's father noticed that there was an unused area of Wayzata that could serve as a baseball field for the younger boys. He got permission from the Wayzata City Council to turn the field into another ball field for the kids. The Klapprich family groomed the field for many years. It is now a City of Wayzata landmark known as Klapprich Field.

Thanks to Paul and his family, generations of Wayzata-area families have wonderful memories of playing ball, sledding, learning to skate or playing pond hockey at Klapprich Field. While attending Wayzata High School, Paul was a defenseman on its very first men's hockey team and helped lead the brand new team to the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament. It was another 50 years before the school's men's hockey team made another appearance at the state tournament and Paul was there to cheer them on.

In 1981, Paul received the "Trojan of the Year" award because of his unending support of Trojan athletics. He was a volunteer youth hockey coach for 20 years with the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association. The Hennepin County Highway Department honored him with a Volunteer of the Year Award because of the numerous hours he spent giving back to his community. Paul also gave many years of service to the Wayzata Fire Department, acting as Fire Chief and also serving on the MN Association of Fire Chiefs' Board of Directors. He is a familiar face at the Wayzata homecoming parades as he volunteers each year to drive the fire truck carrying the WHS Adaptive PE team.

Paul exemplifies servant leadership in all aspects of his life. His dedication to serving others has had a direct impact on individuals, as well as benefiting the community as a whole and has made him a most deserving recipient of the 2007 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Michele Grego - Graduated 1980 - Inducted 2006

Distinguished Alumni: Michele Grego, Graduated 1980, Inducted 2006Michele Grego began studying bassoon at the age of 15, while attending Wayzata High School. She entered high school as a flutist, but upon the urging of her band director, John Paulson, she switched to the bassoon. Her senior year, she studied with John Miller, principal bassoonist of the Minnesota Orchestra. She continued to study with Miller until 1982 when she transferred to the University of Southern California and earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Bassoon Performance. In 1986, she earned a Master of Music degree at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City.

One of Michele's most outstanding achievements was receiving the Coleman Award from the Coleman Chamber Music Society. She has held positions with many different musical groups in southern California, including the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra where she appeared as a soloist, the Los Angeles Music Center Opera Orchestra and the Long Beach Symphony. Her career has included work in television and motion pictures. She has performed with the Philharmonic in numerous cities and countries.

Michele is a testament to the perseverance and drive it takes to succeed in the world of professional music and a sound choice as recipient of the 2006 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Amy Scherber - Graduated 1978 - Inducted 2005

Distinguished Alumni: Amy Scherber, Graduated 1978, Inducted 2005As the founder and owner of Amy's Bread, Amy Scherber has distinguished herself as one of the top American bakers. She earned a Business degree in 1982 from St. Olaf College. While living and working in New York City, she realized she had a passion for cooking and baking and enrolled in the New York Restaurant School.

While in culinary school, Amy's aptitude for bread baking became evident. She moved to France to learn more about bread and honed her skills by working in three bakeries.

Amy returned to New York City and in 1992, opened her first bakery in the city's notorious Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Her bakery was featured in many media publications, including The New York Times and New York Magazine. It was also listed as one of America's favorite neighborhood restaurants in Bon Appétit's neighborhood issue.

Amy has opened two additional bakeries. She was named Woman of the Year in 2001 by the Professional Women's Exchange in New York and nominated by the James Beard Foundation for the 2001 Best Pastry Chef/Baker. Amy serves as a role model to all that the learning process never ends, thus making her a deserving recipient of the 2005 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Parker W. Borg - Graduated 1957 - Inducted 2004

Distinguished Alumni: Parker W. Borg, Graduated 1957, Inducted 2004Ambassador Parker W. Borg spent more than 30 years in the United States Foreign Service.

While in high school he served as president of his freshman class, participated in speech, directed the variety show, handled the finances for the yearbook and managed the basketball team. He graduated from Dartmouth College, with a major in international relations.

Parker's lengthy list of distinguished positions includes the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Mali (1981-84) and the Republic of Iceland (1993-96). He has served in senior leadership positions in Washington working on international terrorism, narcotics control and telecommunications.

Borg's long record of government service in the promotion of our country's interests and well-being eminently qualifies him to be the 2004 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

Jane Tellekson Juten - Graduated 1981 - Inducted 2003

Distinguished Alumni: Jane Tellekson Juten, Graduated 1981, Inducted 2003Jane Tellekson Juten's dedication to quality education has influenced countless young people's lives throughout the United States and internationally.

As an Acting Head Mistress at the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School in Monduli, Africa, she and other American volunteers taught math, science, geography, English and Swahili. Through Jane, the students learned a great deal, both academically and personally.

Jane helped facilitate a connection between Greenwood Elementary School in Plymouth and the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School. Greenwood students have sent school supplies to the MaaSae Girls School, and several of the girls from MaaSae have visited Greenwood Elementary.

For her commitment to education and humanity, as well as her efforts to promote international good will, Jane Tellekson Juten is a most deserving recipient of the 2003 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Harold Van Every - Graduated 1936 - Inducted 2002

Distinguished Alumni: Harold Van Every, Graduated 1936, Inducted 2002Harold Van Every has proven time and time again what a team player he is in every aspect of his life. He was a member of the Wayzata High School football and basketball teams, leading them to the Lake Conference Championships and a University of Minnesota Golden Gopher who made the All-Big-Ten and was named MVP for the Gophers in 1939. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers to continue his career in football, but it was cut short when he was drafted.

Harold served five years in the Air Force in World War II. During his ninth mission as a pilot he was shot down over Germany and spent a year as a prisoner of war.

After the war, Harold enjoyed a 55-year career as a salesman and underwriter with the Principal Financial Group. He is past president of the University of Minnesota "M" Club and past president of Big Brothers, Inc. He is married and has two children.

Harold's accomplishments in career, civic participation, military service and athletics make him a top choice for the 2002 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award. Harold passed away in August 2007.

Robert Sullivan - Graduated 1958 - Inducted 2001

Distinguished Alumni: Robert Sullivan, Graduated 1958, Inducted 2001Are you interested in electronic control systems for nuclear submarines, breeder reactor technology, patents in the areas of photovoltaics, electronic testing and ultrasonics? Do the areas of designing and developing the first commercially available, completely automated high-power communications amplifier interest you? What about the idea of starting several high tech companies, authoring best-selling small business books, lecturing on starting businesses and entrepreneurship in forums including colleges and out-placement organizations attract your attention?

Dr. Robert Sullivan has played major roles in all of the above enterprises. He also appears on CNBC and NPR as a small business expert. His service to his country and his numerous accomplishments based on his ingenuity, focus and hard work all commended and qualified him for the 2001 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Judith Simpson Corson - Graduated 1960 - Inducted 2000

Distinguished Alumni: Judith Simpson Corson, Graduated 1960, Inducted 2000On behalf of her company, Custom Research Inc., Judy had the privilege of receiving the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award from President Clinton.

Having served either as a board member or an officer of many major organizations, including the Council of Marketing and Opinion Research, World Presidents' Organization, Center for Ethical Business Culture and the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Judy has shown commitment to her career. In 2013, she became a Director at HealthPartners, Inc.

Various community and educational organizations have also benefited from Judy's time and talents.

Judy has proven herself to be a good citizen, community leader and a consummate professional and is a most deserving recipient of the 2000 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award. 

Amy Klobuchar - Graduated 1978 - Inducted 1999

Distinguished Alumni: Amy Klobuchar, Graduated 1978, Inducted 1999Wayzata High School valedictorian, magna cum laude graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago Law School, member and associate editor of the University of Chicago Law Review - this is how it all started for Amy Klobuchar.

She served as a special assistant to former United States Vice-President Walter Mondale, while practicing law at Dorsey and Whitney. She went on to prosecute criminal cases for the City of Minneapolis and became the first woman to be elected Hennepin County Attorney.

Amy was a leading advocate for state legislation assuring 48-hour hospital stays for new mothers and their babies, a board member for the Minneapolis Council of Camp Fire Boys and Girls and chair of the Communications Section of the Minnesota Bar Association. In 2007, Amy was elected United States Senator from Minnesota. Amy contributes to her community on many levels and is a very worthy recipient of the 1999 WHS Distinguished Alumni Award.

Cal Simmons - Graduated 1966 - Inducted 1998

Distinguished Alumni: Cal Simmons, Graduated 1966, Inducted 1998Cal has distinguished himself as a person who takes the time and gives the commitment that makes our communities better places to live. Although he has achieved success in the business world, it is his work with his college youth athletics, Children's Cancer Research Fund, and the golf world that have marked him as a person who gives.

Bonnie Hagelberger - Graduated 1969 - Inducted 1997

Distinguished Alumni: Bonnie Hagelberger, Graduated 1969, Inducted 1997Bonnie Hagelberger has had a positive impact on the lives of students, parents, and colleagues not only as a teacher in the Anoka-Hennepin School District, but also as a respected leader in the mathematics education profession at the state and national level.

She served as a member of the steering committee for the development of SciMathMN, a partnership between education, business and government, dedicated to the improvement of mathematics and science education in the state of Minnesota. As a facilitator of the Teacher Academy of SciMathMN, she designs and presents workshops for Teachers Teaching with Technology. As a member of the Best Practice Network, she works with teachers throughout the state to improve mathematics instruction.

Bonnie received the 1992 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for elementary mathematics.

David Koch - Graduated 1948 - Inducted 1996

Distinguished Alumni: David Koch, Graduated 1948, Inducted 1996Financial World named David Koch the Bronze Award CEO of the Year in the Industrial Machinery (under $500 million category), the Twin Citian named him to its first annual Volunteer Hall of Fame in 1989, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune has called him "a leader in Twin Cities corporate-responsibility thinking."

David is a business executive who has emphasized the importance of returning to the community a share of the success. He is a believer in the concept that a corporation must serve its stakeholders: employees, customers, shareholders, and the governments and communities in which it is located. David retired after 39 years as the CEO and Chairman of Graco, Inc.

Karen Wolf - Graduated 1957 - Inducted 1995

Distinguished Alumni: Karen Wolf, Graduated 1957, Inducted 1995Karen Wolf is a people person. She was a member of Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, yearbook co-editor and valedictorian of her high school class. She went on to earn a degree in Child Development, working as a social worker with Hennepin County Human Services.

After taking time off to devote more exclusive efforts to raising her three children, she returned to work at the Children's Home Society.

Karen is an active volunteer, mainly in her church, where she serves on the church board, is a Sunday school teacher and is social chairman.

Frank Larkin - Graduated 1934 - Inducted 1994

Distinguished Alumni: Frank Larkin, Graduated 1934, Inducted 1994Being elected the very first president of the Wayzata High School Student Council and leaving the University of Minnesota when he had the opportunity to become an assistant to Governor Elmer Benson, set Frank Larkin on his way to being a public servant extraordinaire.

World War II interrupted his job as treasurer of Minnetonka at the age of 23. Upon returning, Frank became the deputy county auditor for Hennepin County and in 1954 was elected Secretary of the Minnesota Supreme Court. He went on the represent the Third Congressional District at the convention in Chicago.

Frank served as the mayor of Corcoran, Minnesota for 13 years. He was the first president of the Northwest Hennepin County League of Cities, the first chairman of the Area Watershed District, and served on both the Hennepin County Agricultural Society and Fair and the Wright County electrical poser boards.

Penny Hatcher - Graduated 1966 - Inducted 1993

Distinguished Alumni: Penny Hatcher, Graduated 1966, Inducted 1993Public health is in good hands with Penny Hatcher.

Her doctorate in Public Health and a specialty in International Health prepared her for a multi-faceted career. She has worked in pediatrics, as a migrant public health nurse for Project HOPE in Brazil, and as a community health nurse educator in Tunisia. She also served as a child health clinical specialist in Saudi Arabia, where she was the first clinical nurse specialist ever hired at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital.

Through these experiences, she learned to speak Portuguese, Spanish, French and some Arabic.

Penny is a member of many professional and honorary societies and has published numerous articles and participated in lectures and symposia throughout the country.

Kenneth Leuer - Graduated 1952 - Inducted 1992
Portrait of Ken Leuer

Ken Leuer was a two-time state wrestling champion and won all-state honors in football during high school. After a distinguished wrestling career at the University of Iowa, where he was the 1956 Big Ten and NCAA National Champion, he entered the U.S. Army.

He rose to the rank of Major General while organizing and training the first Ranger Battalion duty since World War II and implementing the "One Infantry Concept".

Since Ken's retirement, he has worked for Goodwill Industries.

Bill Bushnell - Graduated 1962 - Inducted 1991

Distinguished Alumni: Bill Bushnell, Graduated 1962, Inducted 1991An active community supporter, Bill Bushnell spearheaded the volunteer committee to raise funds and build the playground at Sunset Hill, and served as a coach. He taught omnibus communication and intermediate-district advertising classes and received national and regional awards for television, radio and print advertising.

He served as district chairman for scouting, as well as eagle advisor and troop leader, and received the Viking Council Silver Beaver and District Award of Merit.

An almost 20-year volunteer with the Minneapolis Aquatennial, Bill re-established the Flotilla Frolic River Parade and coordinated other events.

Bill is president of the board of directors of an organization that provides mental health counseling and support services to several counties in our area. He also serves on the board of a youth theater company.

A Navy Captain, Bill remains active in the Naval Reserve.

Marilyn Peterson - Graduated 1949 - Inducted 1991

Distinguished Alumni: Marilyn Peterson, Graduated 1949, Inducted 1991Minnesota Business Hall of Fame, Edina Chamber of Commerce, religious commitments and travel have made up Marilyn's life. She also has a strong attachment to clowning. Marilyn performs as the Aqua Jester "Happy Daisy", as well as individually at various public venues. Marilyn passed away in April 2007.

Gordy Engel - Graduated 1965 - Inducted 1990

Distinguished Alumni: Gordy Engel, Graduated 1965, Inducted 1990Gordy Engel is a dedicated family man, active in his church, coach of youth baseball, basketball and football, and the developer of the "Neighborhood Watch" against crime program in Wayzata.

Gordy and his family have owned the Foursome Clothing Store since 1955, and were honored with the 2013 Uptown Downtown Award for their ability to keep up with shifting customer demand, marketing techniques and successfully undergoing a major location change during one of the country's worst economic recessions.

Bill Koski - Graduated 1949 - Inducted 1990

Distinguished Alumni: Bill Koski, Graduated 1949, Inducted 1990Bill Koski was an effective and caring Wayzata High School counselor who worked to open homes for pre-delinquent girls and developmentally-disabled children and to establish Louis House, a chemical dependency residential treatment center. Bill received the Dick Sladek Educator Award in 1977 and Career Teacher of the Year in 1981.

Howie Schaber - Graduated 1959 - Inducted 1990

Distinguished Alumni: Howie Schaber, Graduated 1959, Inducted 1990Howard Schaber highlighted his career by trying out for the 1979 Pan-American games in fast-pitch softball. He was an avid sports participant in high school, a long-time community leader and continues to support Wayzata High School athletics today.


The Distinguished Alumni Award is given to a graduate of Wayzata High School who has made a significant contribution to his/her community, profession and/or the nation.

Nominees must have graduated a minimum of 20 years prior to consideration.

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