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Destination Imagination is the world's largest creativity and problem-solving program for youth of all ages, with thousands of participants across the U.S. and more than 40 countries. Minnesota has about 700 teams.

Participating students develop creative problem solving, leadership, performing, writing, technical, building and teamwork skills.


Angela Henry
Wayzata Destination Imagination Coordinator

Jeff Page
Volunteer Advisor



Wayzata Destination Imagination registration fee includes the Team Manager Training and two of the following team trainings: Technical Workshop for teams, one team Instant Challenge Workshop or one Structure Workshop (only for teams doing Engineering Challenge). All the Instant Challenge workshops will have the same Instant Challenges so you can plan to attend only one. Go to Team Training Registration to register for workshops. The fee for the Improv Workshop (Brave New Workshop) is not included in your registration fee. You must register and pay on your own for the Brave New Workshop trainings.

* Team workshops are encouraged, but optional.

How does the program work?

  • You form your own team of 6-7 students, and find an adult team manager. Once your team is formed and you have a team manager, all members register with Community Ed.  Registration closes November 1.
  • Your team selects a Challenge.*
  • For 12- 16 weeks, you work with your team and create a solution to your Challenge.
  • Your team presents their solution at a regional tournament and has the opportunity to advance to regional, state and global tournaments.
  • If a team advances to Global Finals, they will complete with teams from around the United States and the world. **

* Challenges may be Fine Arts, Improvisational, Scientific, Technical, Engineering, Service Learning, or Early Learning/Rising Stars.
** Global Finals are held in Kansas City, Missouri

Challenge Overviews

Check out the Team Challenges for this year!

Training Registration

Students Looking for a Team

In order to help with the team formation process, we have created a spreadsheet for people to share contact info of interested students.

Fill out this form to add your child's contact info to the DI Students Looking for Teams spreadsheet. View interested students' contact info on the DI Students Looking for Teams spreadsheet. Individual school tabs are listed at the bottom of the form. (If using a mobile device, hold "view" and open in a new tab.)

Note: This is not a way to register your child to be on a team but it is a place to assist with team formation. We encourage you to form a team of students from your same school. 

Team Manager Resources

DI Classroom Guidelines

Background Authorization Form – all team managers need to fill out this form

Team Manager Registration

Facility Request Form

Team Training Registration Form

DI Supply Reimbursement Form

Team Managers will find instructions for creating DI account and what materials are recommended to read and print.

Parent Support (How can I help as a parent?)

DI is a wonderful program to be involved in! The team manager will have many activities to focus on during the year, so each parent will need to help show support for their child's team. Here are some ways for parents to show their support:

  • Be willing to be a Team Manager Assistant
  • Assist with the instant challenges by preparing and/or picking up the materials ahead of meeting times
  • Store props and materials at your house
  • Come to a meeting and teach a new skill (such as sewing, painting, building, etc)
  • Provide snacks for the team meetings
  • Volunteer at the tournament for 1-2 hours
  • Ask the TM if they need help with anything
  • Provide a social night for the team (such as a bowling night, movie night, cookout, etc.)

Tournament Results