Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Are you an adult resident of Minnesota who is age 17 or older? Do you need help with reading, writing, math and English language?

We can help you develop the skills you need to achieve your long term education and employment goals.

Call us to learn more and get registered for these free classes.

Onsite Childcare & Preschool

Contact & Class Location

Information & Class Registration
Community Ed Office 

Class Location
Interfaith Outreach
1605 County Rd 101, Plymouth
Located near the northwest corner of County Road 6 and Highway 101 in Plymouth

All classes are free. Advance registration is required.

If you need transportation or childcare, let us know when you register. We will do our best to help you. No guarantees.

Eligibility Requirements

If you answer yes to any of the following questions and are a Minnesota resident, you are eligible to participate in our ABE program.

  • Are you 17 years of age or older and not enrolled in secondary school?
  • Are you in need of a G.E.D.?
  • Do you need to improve your English language speaking, reading or writing skills?
  • Do you need to brush up on basic skills in order to get or keep a job?
  • Are your reading, writing or math skills below a 12th grade level?

Who will teach me?

Licensed teachers and trained volunteers who work with students from many different backgrounds, including new immigrants and English learners.

Academic Reading for Success Class

Do you struggle with reading? This class is designed for you!
Our instructors will help you improve your reading skills by focusing on:
  • alphabetics (getting the word)
  • vocabulary
  • fluency (reading smoothly and accurately)
  • comprehension

Instruction is adapted to your individual needs.

For more information, to arrange for an assessment (required) or to register (required), call 763-745-6034.

Academic Skills Brush-up Class

Need help with reading, math and writing skills?

In this class, our instructors will teach you skills that give you the foundation you need to improve your reading, writing and math skills. We give you assessments and individualized instruction to help you get the most out of this class.

English Language Learning (ELL/ESL) Classes

We offer many daytime and nighttime classes for adults who want to improve their English language skills. All of our classes are immersion classes - the instructor will teach you in English. Your classmates will come from a variety of backgrounds and speak a variety of languages, but everyone will be there to learn English.

We will assess your skills and place you in the class that best fits your level.

Class Categories

  • Pre-beginning English Skills - for people with no English speaking skills
  • Beginning Level English Skills - for people with basic English speaking skills
  • Intermediate Level English Skills - for individual with intermediate English speaking skills

Skill Areas

All classes are focused on teaching the following skills:

  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Writing

GED Test Preparation Class

Are you going to take the GED test? In this class, you will learn about the test format, work on your skills and take an official practice test. This will increase your chances of successfully passing the test.

Class Highlights

  • Assessments to find out what you need to be ready
  • Friendly, personal attention
  • Individual or small group lessons to meet your individual needs
  • Free online GED Ready practice testing
  • Online study options

Pre-College Skill Preparation Class

Do you have plans to go to college? Want to improve your literacy skills in reading, writing and math?

In this class, our teachers will help you develop the academic skills necessary to be successful in college. We will focus on the skills that you most need to develop, based on your ACCUPLACER placement test.

More About ABE

Minnesota ABE (Adult Basic Education) is a state-wide program for adults (age 17 or older) who are working toward a high school credential, learning English, improving basic skills and/or preparing for post-secondary education or employment. It is funded with both federal and state fund and is delivered through a network of 43 consortia comprising all Minnesota school districts.

Wayzata is part of the WEST ABE consortium. WEST ABE partners with the local Workforce Center, school districts, technical colleges, welfare providers, libraries, employers and local county jails. Its mission is to provide adults with the educational opportunities to acquire and improve the literacy skills necessary to be self-sufficient and participate effectively as productive workers, family members and citizens.

Wayzata ABE Program Contact:
Cheryl Lubinski
ABE Lead Teacher/Coordinator