Adult Classes

Program Updates:

  • Fitness classes will be offered online from June through August (Pilates Plus and Fusion Fitness).
  • Adult classes scheduled to take place in Wayzata City Parks have been canceled.

If you are an adult who is interested in learning, growing and connecting with others in your community who share your interests and passions, you will love our adult enrichment classes.

Whether you want to start a business, learn about history, create a masterpiece, or light up the dance floor at a family wedding, we have something for everyone! And we are always adding new offerings.

Types of Classes Offered:

  • Create
  • Food & Drink
  • Home Care
  • Language, History, & Culture
  • Money Matters
  • Special Interest
  • Wellness


Community Ed Office

Julie Menk 
Adult Enrichment and Volunteers Specialist

Deb Slomkowski
Enrichment Manager