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Season Headlines

Season Headlines


  • Week 12 - Wayzata Boys now turn their attention to the MSHSL section and state meets. 
    • A schedule for both Tuesday and Thursday of the section 6AA meet is posted in the schedule page. You can access that page HERE.  There is also a meet program for day 2 of the section meet as well. 
    • All boys not in the section 6AA meet need to turn their uniform in as soon as possible. You can return it to the equipment room at the end of the school day.  
    • The 2019 awards picnic is this Saturday in the high school cafeteria starting at 12:00 noon. A reminder with what each boys should be will be sent out later this week. 
    • The 2019 yearbook is out. Click HERE for the updated roster and profile booklet. 


General Information

Description of sport: Competitive track and field.

Where to go for more information: Activities Office.

Start of season: Practice begins March 11, 2019.

Practice times: 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Practice site: WHS track.

Competitions: Meets are held after school and occasionally on Saturdays or evenings.

Eligibility requirements: Meet the MSHSL and Wayzata School District Eligibility Requirements.

Average number of members: 200.

Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee and running shoes.

Awards criteria & type of awards: Lettering requirements determined by head coach.

Student leadership: Captains are chosen by coaches with input from team members.

Meet Schedules

Head Coach

Aaron Berndt {Hurdles/Sprints}

Assistant Coaches

Mark Popp, {Sprints/Sprint relays}

Eric Jahn, {Distance/Distance Relays}

Gary Danelius, {Pole Vault}

Sean Giesen, {Jumps}

Brandon Heebink, {Distance}

Steven Porter, {Throws}

Ben Froehling, {Throws}

Cody DeBoer, {Jumps}

Zac Kuseske, {Sprints}

Coach Bios


Reasons to join Wayzata Track and Field

Success: Tradition is a powerful thing! Wayzata track and field athletes take tremendous pride in being part of a winning program. Each year athletes of all abilities, from the state champions to the athlete new to the sport, make an impact for years to come.

Team Focus / Balance: Track and field by its nature is an individual sport. However the truly successful programs recognize the importance of the "TEAM". It’s always a thrill to be a successful individual, however when combined with 150 winning teammates, its something special.

Event Specific Talent: High School track and field, with its many different events, is a truly unique sport. In order for an athlete to reach his full potential, it is important to get hands on specific coaching in his area of specialty. Wayzata, with its event specific coaches will help you to be the best athlete you can be in your specific talent.

The Ability to have Fun: Track and field is a physically demanding sport, and while every training moment may not be a joy, the process of should be rewarding and fun. With our large squad size, team emphasis and three-month season, it’s no accident that Wayzata track and field athletes become good friends. The camaraderie that students find at Wayzata is based on a foundation of hard work, success and numerous shared experiences. This makes for an unforgettable High School experience.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who do I talk to if I have questions? Talk to the Head Coach, Coach Berndt. He is on the forth floor C-wing in C-418, or email

Do I have to know what event I want to do on the first day? No, we want you to try as many events as you want to if you are new to see which one fits you the best.

When does the season start and how do I register? Please see the registration page.

True Team

You Are About to Witness Something Unique in Track & Field

The true team series was originated in 1987 by the State Track and Field Coaches Association, to address the need in Track and Field for a True TEAM competition. In previous years, a team with a few elite athletes could win the “Team Championship” in a large meet. The Coaches felt the Team Championship should be won by the best TEAM.

In True Team competition, each team is allowed 2 entries in Class 1 A and 2A (3 entries in Class 3A) in individual events and 1 entry in each relay event. Every entry is placed and scored according to their order of finish, with the idea that a team’s second or third entry becomes just as important as their first entry.

There are 3 classes in True Team Competition, with the classes based on enrollment. Enrollments are reviewed on an annual basis, and alignments are revised each July by the True Team Committee.

Throughout the State, there are 8 Sections in each Class, with the Champion in each Section Advancing to the State Meet. The best second place team in the state in each class also advances as a “Wild Card.”

Minnesota is the only State which holds True Team competition in Track & Field. It is organized, governed, coordinated, and sponsored by the State Track & Field Coaches Association.

True Team Philosophy

Why was the Minnesota True Team Championship philosophy developed?

  1. Because of many Minnesota track and field coaches who were dissatisfied with the existing system which did not determine a true team champion.
  2. To recognize overall team strength.
  3. To discount the possibility of a championship where only 2, 3, or 4 individuals score all the points.
  4. To encourage more participation through 3 divisions throughout the state which were determined through school enrollment.
  5. To provide fans with a more exciting format and scoring system in which to determine a Team State Champion.
  6. To encourage teams to develop all events and therefore greater participation.

The True Team Series is different from Invitational and MSHSL Meets in a number of ways. Because of this, Meet Managers and members of the True Team Committee receive a number of questions dealing with procedures that are unique to the True Team Series. Following are a few of the most commonly asked questions:


How are the points determined for a True Team Meet? Class A and AA are allowed two entries in each individual event. Class AAA is allowed three entries. In Class A and AA, where two entries are allowed in the individual events, scoring is as follows. Individual events: First place is awarded twice the number of points as teams competing in the meet, with points awarded to subsequent placers decreasing by one point per place. In relays, first place is awarded a number of points equal to three times the number of teams competing in the meet, with subsequent places decreasing by 3 points per place. Assuming an 8-team meet as an example, individual events would be scored 16-15-14-...-1. Relays would be scored 24-21-18-...-3. In AAA, three entries are allowed in the individual events. Scoring is as follows. Individual events: first place is awarded three times the number of points as teams competing in the meet, with subsequent places decreasing by one point per place. In relays, first place is awarded a number of points equal to four times the number of teams competing in the meet, with subsequent places decreasing by four points per place. Again, using an 8-team meet as an example, Individual events would be scored 24-23-22-...-1, and relays would be scored 32-28-24-...-4.

Breaking Ties

What procedures are used to break ties between two teams? The teams are scored head-to-head with scoring as follows: Class A and AA, Individual events: 4-3-2-1, Relays: 6-3. In Class AAA, Individual Events: 6-5-4-3-2-1, Relays: 8-4.


Do we need to send in a lineup prior to the meet? No. Coaches are asked to submit a team roster (not a lineup), so that names of team members can be entered into the computer and numbers assigned to the team members prior to the meet. It is the feeling of the committee that the coach should be able to alter his/her lineup during the meet, that the coach should have the option of placing his/her athletes in heats as he/she wishes, and that the host school should not have the advantage of knowing the other team’s lineups in advance.

Entry Fees

Where do they go? Entry fees are paid once, at the Sectional level. The major expenses of the True Team Series include workers and meet expenses at the State Meet and the 24 Section Meets, awards for the State and Section Meets, competitor numbers, and site rental for the State Meet.

Recording Results

How should section event results be recorded and reported? Complete Form C and return to Mark Alcorn along with complete results. These results are used in the Wild Card selection process, so they must be reported in the same manner from all Sections. Times should be reported to the hundredths place. If they are FAT’s, they will be used as is. If they are handheld, that should be indicated on the report sent in by the meet manager. They should still be sent in to the hundredths place. We will adjust to FAT equivalent as per Federation rules. Discus distances should be rounded to the lesser inch. No fractions. Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Shot Put distances should be rounded down to the lesser ¼ inch. High Jump should be rounded down to even inches (5’3 ¾” becomes 5’2”). Pole Vault should be rounded down to the lesser multiple of 3 inches (9’8” becomes 9’6”). For this reason, it is important that Section Meet Managers exercise care in determining starting heights and size of increments in the High Jump and pole Vault.

Wild Card

How is the Wildcard team chosen? The Saturday before the State True Team Meet, when all the Section results are in, members of the True Team Committee run off a meet on paper between the eight section runners-up, using their section performances, according to written policies and procedures designed for that purpose. The winner of that competition becomes the Wild Card team for that class/gender. If a Section champion elects not to compete in the State Meet, the 8 section runners-up will still be scored according to Wild Card procedures, with the top TWO teams advancing to the State Championships.


What’s the deal with awards? At the Sectional level, the top team receives a trophy and the top three teams receive ribbons. At the State level, the top three teams receive trophies and medals, and the 4th-5th-6th place teams receive ribbons. All awards are team-oriented. Approximately 2 weeks before the Sectional Meet, the Meet Manager will receive the Awards for the their Section. At both the Section and State levels, allowance is made for 30 team member s in A and AA, 40 team members in AAA.

Governing Body

Who’s in charge? The idea for the True Team Series was conceived in Minnesota in 1986 by a group of 13 High School Track & Field Coaches who felt that the MSHSL Meet in June was not the best method of determining a (True) State Team Champion in Track & Field. That group developed the original policies and procedures. Over the years, the True Team Committee has made an effort to maintain the integrity of their philosophy. The True Team Series is still governed/sponsored by the True Team Committee, a group of approximately 20 High School Coaches from around the State who volunteer their time. The Vice President of the State Track Coaches Ass’n is in charge of overseeing the True Team Series.


How are classes and Section placement determined? The original committee designated the top 64 schools by enrollment as class AAA, the next 96 as AA, and the remainder as A. This tended to be cumbersome and confusing for the committee and for teams that were near the cutoffs between the classes, as it seemed a few schools were back and forth between classes on a semi-annual basis, even though their enrollment might not change. It was the feeling of the committee that an enrollment figure that would keep the distribution between the classes at approximately the original figures in terms of teams in each class might be easier to work with.

In July of 2008 it was altered as follows: Class AAA – Top 75 schools; Class AA next 100 schools; Class A – all other schools. Geography is the major determining factor for placement into sections within each class, with balance between the sections being a secondary consideration. A six-member sub-committee of the True Team Committee does major realignment in June of odd-numbered years. Their proposed alignment is then taken to the entire True Team Committee for approval in July.



Meet Results

Summer Opportunities

Clinic information will be posted on the camps and clinics page.