Athletic Medicine

Chris Thein, MS, ATC, NREMT
Head Athletic Trainer, Institute for Athletic Medicine
Clinic: 763-257-1128
High School: 763-745-6781
Email: or

Matt Jordan, ATC, MS
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Institute for Athletic Medicine
Clinic: 651-632-9807
High School: 763-745-6781

Jake Haws, DPT
Physical Therapist, Institute for Athletic Medicine
Wayzata High School Training Room Mondays & Thursdays
Wayzata High School Scheduling 612-672-7857

Athletic Training Services Provided

The Institute for Athletic Medicine (IAM) is proud to provide the contracted athletic training services to Wayzata High School. IAM is a service of Fairview and North Memorial. IAM provides orthopedic and sports physical therapy services at 25 Twin Cities locations as well as chiropractic care many locations. A certified athletic trainer is an American Medical Association recognized medical professional who manages the care and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. IAM has resources available to you such as:

  • Free injury screening and evaluations for recreational and competitive athletes;
  • Specialized programs for runners, throwers, golfers, back injuries, athletes needing advanced rehabilitation prior to returning to sport and a special program designed for women only;
  • Free 24-hour athletic medicine hotline for questions about sports related injuries (952-920-8850);
  • Referrals to sports medicine physicians and physical therapists; and
  • Referrals for concussion testing.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is often a necessary step in returning the athlete to play quickly and safely. We are skilled in rehabilitation but do not have the amount of time needed to accomplish what is necessary in the early of some injuries. We may recommend that your child has a few visits with a physical therapist when warranted. We will work with the therapist at IAM to determine a progression and coordinate care from clinic to school. IAM accepts most insurance plans and many plans will pay for direct access to the clinics. Please check with your insurance company for specific coverage benefits. We can assist you with appointments to one of the clinics or contact our central scheduling line at 612-672-7100 and tell them you are scheduling for an athlete from Wayzata. If you do not get in within a couple days of the call, contact us for assistance.

Onsite Physical Therapy at WHS/Institute for Athletic Medicine Clinic Closest to Wayzata

Onsite Physical Therapy at Wayzata High School:
Monday & Thursday
Wayzata High School Training Room 119.

Institute for Athletic Medicine – Plymouth City Center
15655 37th Ave. North, Suite 250 Plymouth City Center Medical Building
Plymouth, MN 55446-4000

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Coverage & Hours

Athletic Trainers are contracted to cover all home varsity sports and various lower level sports depending on sport and season. Please check with your coach or athletic office for details. Should you have a question for us you may contact us at the numbers and emails listed above. For after hours concerns please contact the athletic medicine hotline at 952-920-8850 to speak to a certified athletic trainer.

The Athletic Medicine Office

The athletic medicine office is located inside the west athletics entrance, next to the gym, room 119

Physician Visits

At some point during the sports season it may be necessary for your child to see a physician. I can work with you to obtain an appointment with a sports medicine physician. It is important to keep open lines of communication with all members of the sports medicine team and I will communicate with the physician your child sees to ensure a safe return to play.

If your son/daughter is seen or treated by a physician for an injury or serious illness, they must bring a written note from the physician before they can return to practice or play in a game. This is a Minnesota State High School League Rule (Bylaw 107.00). This is for the student’s protection as well as to keep everyone informed as to the student’s readiness. If you forget to get a note, you can have one faxed to 763-745-6625, or send by email (PDF), to the above email addresses.