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Welcome to the home of the Wayzata Trojans!

Wayzata High School offers a variety of extra and co-curricular activities designed to meet the interests of the students. The extra and co-curricular student activity program is an opportunity and a privilege afforded students in Wayzata Public Schools.

A function of the extra and co-curricular program is to promote lifelong personal growth and development. Student participation in the extra and co-curricular program can encourage individual development by providing opportunities for leadership, sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork, commitment to goal achievement, character building, communication skills, competition and school pride.

Through their involvement in the program students are expected to improve their decision making processes, develop self discipline and self esteem, respect individual differences, and promote a healthy attitude toward addressing challenges. Opportunities for activities include a wide variety of alternatives offered on an ongoing basis and additional activities which become available throughout the school year. Many groups are open to all interested students; others have tryouts or special requirements. Information about the activities is included on NewsBreak.

Wayzata Trojans compete in the Lake Conference. The athletic teams, debate, speech, one act-play, visual arts and music are registered with the Minnesota State High School League. Students are encouraged to become active in a variety of activities while attending Wayzata High School.