Super Mileage Team

Description of activity: Student activity with goal to design, construct and race vehicle powered by 2.4 HP gas motor or electric motor and achieve highest fuel economy possible.

Where to go for more information:
Ken Pashina, ETD.

Length of season: November through the middle of May.

Practice times:
Meet 2-5 times per week. May require more as needed.

Practice site:
School and/or team member’s homes.

Brainerd Speedway Invitational, MN.

Eligibility requirements:
Grades 9-12; Meet MSHSL and Wayzata Public Schools Eligibility Requirements. Maximum of seven students per vehicle. Four cars can be built.

Costs and/or needed equipment:
Participation fee through the EPay system. Other costs depending on amount of money earned through fund raisers.

Awards criteria & type of awards:
All team awards given at competitions.

Student leadership:
Head of Design; Fund raising Coordinator


Ken Pashina