Student Council

Description of activity: The student council acts as a liaison between the student body, the administration and the school board. The student council is involved in the Hennepin Division of Student Councils and the Minnesota Association of Student Councils.

Where to go for more information:

Length of season: Students are elected by members of their grade level and serve for one school year.

Meeting times:
Meetings are held on alternate Tuesdays during the school day and rotate through the schedule. In addition, there are meetings every other Monday at 7:50 a.m.

Meeting site:
Forum Rooms.

Eligibility requirements:
There are two ways a student may become a member of the student council. To be an elected voting member, candidates must participate in the spring election and be voted in by members of their class. To be a non-voting, work-on member, interested students must pick up an application at the start of the school year, go through an interview process, and complete 15 hours of student council activities by the end of Homecoming Week. Transfer students who were active in student council in their previous school become members upon the recommendation of their former advisor. All student council members must adhere to legal statutes, school policies and the WHS Student Council Constitution. Students must meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Average number of members:
The senior class has 10 elected members, the junior class has eight elected members, the sophomore and freshman class each have six elected members. In addition, the council may consist of work-on members.

Student leadership:
Once elected to the student council, members have the opportunity to act in a variety of leadership positions.


Sue Iverson

Amy Swenson (2019-2020)

WHS Student Council


Student Senate Executive Board

President: Reid Funderburk
Vice-President: Ruchika Kamojjala
Secretary: Sarah Iverson

Junior President: Sonia Gazula
Junior Vice-President: Natalie Ku
Junior Secretary: Meredith Kleve
PR/Community Liaison: Isabelle Lyon & Andy Nelson

Sophomore Representative: Braden Bourland
Freshman Representative: Jack Ross

Student Senate Members


  • Antenella Argento
  • Duffy Davidson
  • Grant Halgren
  • Deena Kassem
  • Audrey Koehler
  • Divya Periakaruppan
  • Ella Schrader
  • Trevor Wong


  • Umar Hasan
  • Olivia James
  • Matt Lawrence
  • Lauren Palaia
  • Mollie Prondzinski
  • Janie Schrader
  • Kevin Sun
  • Grace Treanor
  • Izzy Treanor
  • Madi Weiner
  • Srindhi Yerraguentala


  • Andrew Adams
  • Affaan Ahmer
  • Nick Argento
  • Aki Bhati
  • Braden Bourland
  • Sarah Cao
  • Tara Haas
  • Marit Larson
  • Lauren Lee
  • Olivia Mundahl


  • Ife Adeboye
  • Aleeza Amin
  • Natalie Koehler
  • Jack Ross
  • Aylah Smith
  • Sophie Zenzen

Join Student Council

There are 2 ways to join:

  1. Run in the spring election. If elected you become a member of the Senate. Senate members attend House meetings and the in-school Senate meetings.

    Each middle school selects (elects) two 8th grade students to be on the Senate. The middle schools determine how these students are decided. The names are forwarded to the high school in May.
  2. Work-on and become a member of the House. To work-on, you need to complete 15 hours helping out at Student Council activities and these hours must be completed by the end of Homecoming Week. Students may start earning hours in the summer by working at “Back to Business” day events. House members attend only the Monday morning House meetings.

What do we do?

  1. We plan Homecoming Week.
  2. We organize all of the dances throughout the year.
  3. We select and honor our WHS Distinguished Alumni.
  4. We represent the student body at school board meetings and at PTSO meetings.
  5. We run P.E.A.C.E. day for our middle schools.
  6. We organize Survivor Week.
  7. We represent the student voice to our administrators.
  8. We run our annual Adopt-A-Family program with Interfaith Outreach.

If it involves social programming for our school – WHS Student Council is involved.

Meeting Minutes & Presentations

Forms & Documents


May 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Apr 29
Tue, Apr 30
Senate Meeting: block 2
2nd floor forum
Wed, May 1
Thu, May 2
Sat, May 4
Sun, May 5
Mon, May 6
Tue, May 7
Wed, May 8
Thu, May 9
Fri, May 10
Sat, May 11
Sun, May 12
Mon, May 13
Tue, May 14
Wed, May 15
Thu, May 16
Fri, May 17
Sat, May 18
Sun, May 19
Mon, May 20
Tue, May 21
Old/New Senate Meeting: 3rd block
Second Floor Forum
Wed, May 22
Thu, May 23
Fri, May 24
Sat, May 25
Sun, May 26
Mon, May 27
Tue, May 28
Wed, May 29
Thu, May 30
Fri, May 31
Sat, Jun 1
Sun, Jun 2