Student Council

Description of activity: The student council acts as a liaison between the student body, the administration and the school board. The student council is involved in the Hennepin Division of Student Councils and the Minnesota Association of Student Councils.

Where to go for more information: B207

Length of season: Students are elected by members of their grade level and serve for one school year.

Meeting times: The Senate meets during the school day and rotate through the schedule. The House and Senate meet before school (7:45 a.m. sharp) once or twice a month to plan activities.

Meeting site: Auditorium.

Eligibility requirements: There are two ways a student may become a member of the student council. To be an elected voting member, candidates must participate in the spring election and be voted in by members of their class. To be a non-voting, work-on member, interested students must pick up an application at the start of the school year, go through an interview process, and complete 10 hours of student council activities by the end of Homecoming Week. Transfer students who were active in student council in their previous school become members upon the recommendation of their former advisor. All student council members must adhere to legal statutes, school policies and the WHS Student Council Constitution. Students must meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Average number of members: The senior class elects 10 members to the Senate. The junior class elects eight members, the sophomore and freshman class each elect six members. In the event of a tie, both candidates will serve. In addition, the council may consist of work-on members. The House consists of unelected work-on members. The House consists of approximately 75-125 active members.

Student leadership: Once elected to the student council, members have the opportunity to act in a variety of leadership positions.


Amy Swenson, Advisor 

Sarah Lagerquist, Assistant Advisor

WHS Student Council

Student Senate Executive Board

President: Molly Ginther
Vice President: Daniel Argento
Secretary: Alexis Kim

Junior President: Markus Wessman
Junior Vice President: Avi Bandi
Junior Secretary: Saanvi Byrapuneni

Senior PR/Community Liaison: Tvisha Thorat
Junior PR/Community Liaison: Souri Ahmed

Sophomore Representative: Scott Lasota
Freshman Representative: Haasini Mendu

Student Council Senate