Science Olympiad

Description of activity: An inter-school competition featuring science events in technology and all science disciplines (earth, physical, biological and chemical science).

Where to go for more information:

Length of season:
October through March.

Meeting times:
Once per week mandatory, two optional each week. 3:15-4:40 p.m.

Meeting site:

Three to four Saturday competitions (invitationals, regional and state) monthly from December through March.

Eligibility requirements:
Tryouts may occur, if necessary. Meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Average number of members:
15-20 for each team. Wayzata typically fields two to three teams.

Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee through the EPay system.

Awards criteria & type of awards:
Lettering requirements determined by the head coach. Certificates of participation and ribbons or medals from matches.

Student leadership:
Usually four captains are selected by the team and coaches.


Jack Fariss

Kalyn Stanley