Quiz Bowl

Description of activity: Inter-school academic quiz competition.

Where to go for more information: B101.

Length of season: Year round.

Practice times: Thursdays - 3:30-5:15 p.m.; Monday and Fridays - 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Practice site: C213, C215, and C219.

Competitions: One meet per month on Thursday evenings (4 total). Typically 8-10 Saturday tournaments per season.

Eligibility requirements: Anyone who loves trivia and has quick recall is eligible. Meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements. Tryouts may occur if necessary.

Average number of members: 35

Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee through EPay. 2018-2019 Participation fee is $85 ($55/$30) to cover costs of WHS Activities Office, State, and National Dues.

Awards criteria & type of awards: Lettering requirements determined by head coach. Trophies or other awards available at matches.

Student leadership: Three captains are selected by the coaches, other leadership opportunities are available at coach's discretion.


Ethan Lane