National Honor Society

Description of activity: A national organization recognizing students for academic achievement, character, service and leadership. The NHS is also affiliated with the Minnesota Association of Honor Societies.

Where to go for more information: C221.

Meeting site: Information regarding meetings is included in the daily announcements. Meetings are held in the mornings at least once a month. Additional meetings are scheduled on the basis of need.

Eligibility requirements: Sophomores and juniors with a cumulative weighted GPA of 11.0 or higher are invited to complete a selection packet. Students must demonstrate sustained service, leadership and character throughout their high school years. WHS faculty recommends students based on leadership and character exhibited in the classroom. Selection for membership is done by a faculty council after reviewing recommendations and selection packets. Students with documented legal infractions including chemical violations and honor code infractions are not considered for membership. Once selected, members must adhere to national standards as well as WHS requirements. Meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Average number of members: Membership varies each year.

Student leadership: A four member executive board is selected by the members.

Additional information: The NHS members assist with freshman/new student parent orientation. They coordinate Snow Days activities and blood drives. Members also do service projects in the school and/or community on a group and individual basis.


Sarah Ellis

Adam Woods