Math Team

Description of activity: Compete against other schools locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in solving challenging problems in mathematics. Math Team is an excellent opportunity to study mathematics topics that are not always encountered in the classroom and to build one’s skills in mathematics and in general problem-solving.

Where to go for more information: C314, or email Lee Barnett.

Length of season: October to March along with a few invitational and voluntary competitions from March until the end of May.

Practice times: Mondays (weekly) from 3:20-5 p.m.

Practice site: C314, but our first informational meeting is usually in the 4th floor forum room.

Competitions: The official (and not optional) portion of the season entails five meets put on by the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League (MSHSML) from November to February. In addition, some students will attend the MSHSML State Tournament in March. Other optional competitions include the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), the American Mathematics Regional League (ARML) Power Contest (two per season), Mandelbrot Competition (five individual competitions and three team competitions), the “ARML Local” team event (one per season), and the “Purple Comet” team event (one per season). Some students who perform well in the MSHSML will be invited to be a part of the Minnesota ARML teams that compete in Iowa during the last weekend of May.

Eligibility requirements: Students in grades 9-12 who meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee through EPay.

Awards criteria & type of awards: Letters awarded to any team members who served as a “scoring team member” during the season and to any team members who are individually invited to the state tournament. The Minnesota State High School Mathematics League, along with other statewide and nationwide organizations, awards certificates and/or trophies to the top scoring individuals and teams for their performances in various competitions throughout the season.

Student leadership: Experienced “mathletes” help train the novices on the team, arrange additional practice sessions if necessary, bring snacks to meets and provide opportunities for social engagements during and after the season.



Head Coach: Lee Barnett

Assistant Coach: Kate Granlund