Link Crew

Description of activity: Link Leaders is a freshmen and new student transition program led by juniors and seniors committed to helping students navigate high school life and beyond. Link Leaders welcome freshmen and new students at Orientation. Throughout the school year, freshmen/new students will meet with their Link Leaders and their Link Crew groups once a month during MyTime. As a school, we value this time as it builds a stronger sense of community by making a large school feel smaller, and it provides an opportunity to gain different perspectives and experiences from multiple students during trained Link Leader-led activities.

Where to go for more information: See advisors in the 4th Floor Office.

Length of season: All year.

Meeting times: Two-day summer training, Orientation, once a month during MyTime, Respect Retreat, and outside of school as scheduled by Link Crew coordinators.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a Junior or Senior and will be selected by an application process in the Spring. Chemically free. Meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.


Billy Lahr 

Emily Haugh

Alyssa Honmyhr

Job Descriptions

As a member of the Wayzata High School Link Crew, you will be expected to commit to a full year of Link Crew events that include Back to Business Days, Orientation Training, Orientation Day, Activity Fair, Advisory Trainings and Lessons, Respect Retreat, monthly meetings, and social engagements planned by your coordinators as well as your own advisory group. Being a Link Leader is an important role here at WHS because incoming freshmen and new students oftentimes feel overwhelmed by the size of the school, the number of people at the school, and the number of opportunities afforded to them. Your role in Link Crew is to help these students make a successful transition to WHS so that they can have a positive high school experience.

Freshmen Link Leader

This is the largest group of Link Leaders (approximately 140 leaders) because you are working with the largest population at WHS—the incoming freshmen! Freshmen Leaders are responsible for maintaining positive connections with their core freshmen group throughout the entire school year. Think about all the ways your Link Leader reached out to you throughout the school year during your freshmen year (or, what do you WISH your Link Leader would’ve done to make you feel more connected to WHS?). That’s your role. It’s a large undertaking. Are you willing to commit yourself to your freshmen for the 2019-2020 school year? If so, then this is the role for you! Freshmen Link Leaders report to Mr. Lahr and Mrs. Haugh.

New Student Leader

This is a smaller group of Link Leaders (approximately 10-12 leaders) who work with sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are new to WHS. You won’t see this group nearly as often as the freshmen leaders will see their groups, but you’ll still get a chance to connect with your group during Advisory. You’ll need to make an extra special effort to coordinate events for your group, so we’re looking for assertive leaders who are willing to organize social engagements on their own since there will be fewer structured events for New Students. Also, from time to time, you’ll act as a supporting cast during the freshmen events and advisories. Understand what it’s like being the new kid at a big school? Then we’ve got a spot for you as a New Student Leader! New Student Leaders report to Mr. Lahr.


Every production has a crew working behind the scenes to make the show run smoothly—that’s what A-team is all about! Approximately 6-9 of you will take on the role as A-team leader, which means you won’t have a designated freshmen or New Student group, but from time to time you may be asked to fill in when you’re needed. You will also be asked to help set up and clean up any Link Crew events. You will be expected to attend all Link Crew events and meetings as well as one birthday card session a month. This role is best suited for those students who are passionate about Link Crew but want a year to get their feet wet first (preferential treatment will be given to next year’s juniors so that we can cultivate A-teamers into a confident and committed Link Leader their senior year!) or students who enjoy details and organization. A-Team reports to Mrs. Honmyhr.

How Do I Become a Link Leader?

Tentative 2019-2020 Link Crew Dates