Language Study and Travel Program

Description of activity:

  • Chinese: Opportunities to travel to various destinations in China every summer.
  • French: Summer - Grand tour to several destinations in France every other year. Annual visit to Concordia Language Villages.
  • German: School Exchange/Family Stay with Humboldt Gymnasium in Dusseldorf, Germany. Hosting in March or April, travel in summer. Annual visit to Concordia Language Villages.
  • Spanish: Opportunities to travel to Spain and Latin America during spring break and summer vacation. Annual visit to Concordia Language Villages.


  • Chinese: Sheen Heng Zhang
  • French: Christine Magallanes
  • German: Karen Nickel
  • Spanish: Kristin Lindahl

Where to go for more information:

  • A416 - Karen Nickel
  • A412 - Kristin Lindahl
  • A415 - Christine Magallanes
  • A438 - Sheen Heng Zhang

Eligibility requirements: Students who meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.


Sheen Heng Zhang

Kristin Lindahl

Christine Magallanes

Karen Nickel