Indigenous Student Club

Description of activity: This club was created as a way for Native American students to get to know each other while learning what it means to be Indigenous. We offer students a place to feel welcomed and share Native language, arts, and dance. Some examples of club activities include beadwork, birchbark biting, making miniature birchbark canoes, and taking a field trip to a powwow. 
Where to go for more information: Visit the student-run webpage for more information. (This webpage is not run by Wayzata Public Schools)
Length of season: Entire school year.
Meeting times: Schedules with dates, times, and locations are shared with members of the club.
Eligibility requirements: Students must identify as Native American or Indigenous and have received an email inviting them to the club.
Costs and/or needed equipment: No cost.

Student Leadership: Student leaders select successors. 

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