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Wayzata Public Schools will be closed for students for the remainder of the school year. Online learning began for our students on Monday, April 6. Visit our Coronavirus COVID-19 Response Plan page for more information about Online Learning Plans, Meals for Students in Need, and Childcare for Emergency Personnel. Updated Thursday, April 23 at 3:28 p.m.


Description of Activity: GSA, Gender Sexuality Alliance, is an organization that brings together LGBTQI+ and straight students to provide a safe place to socialize, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, work to end homophobia and transphobia and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ and economic justice.

Where to go for more information: First Floor Office

Length of season: School year, September through June.

Meeting times: Every other week.

Meeting site: TBD

Eligibility requirements: Meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements. Follow same procedure as all WHS clubs/activities, fill out eligibility form and submit to Activities Office.

Student leadership: GSA "Cabinet" will be chosen annually.


Cali Fielder

Alison McKernan