German Exchange

Name of Activity: German Exchange (Wayzata Humboldt Exchange)

Description of activity: Hosting a German exchange student and/or going to Germany with the Exchange.

Where to go for more information: A416.

Length of season: Hosting for three weeks in March or April and/or going for three weeks in June or August.

Meeting times: Fall, winter and spring meetings.

Meeting site: A416.

Eligibility requirements: You don’t have to be in German class. Interest in German language and culture. Meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Costs and/or needed equipment: Hosting costs vary depending on which joint activities you choose to take part in, but there are no club fees. Travel costs for German trips vary, but are usually under $3,000 for 3 weeks of travel with airfare, 2-3 meals a day, all transportation and tourist site visits including a weekend youth hostel stay.