Welcome to the DECA 2023 -2024 Year!

STATE Qualifiers
(As of 5pm 2/1)

Green means you have those events for state.
White means I am 99% sure you won't get that event for state.
Yellow means I will know Thursday at 4pm if you got that event (I will text or call if you do)

Virtual Business Round 2!!
The second round of Virtual Business is up and running.  Good luck everyone.
Register your team using the information tab below and email Mr. Kimbler.  He will approve your team.

Congrats to Wayzata DECA's ICDC Qualifiers for Stock Market Game:

Team 1: John Hartman, Caleb Sondell, Henry Sedgwick
Team 2: Aaron Beduhn, Daniel Salatino
Team 3: Yash Goel, Mynah Dhingra, Armaan Gupta
Team 4: Hari Chennuvajula, Nabil Abdullahi, Aman Syed
Team 5: Viraj Taneja, Aahan Sheth, Govidan Iyengar
Team 6: Tyler Kissell, Will Weber, Amogh Rajagopal
Team 7: Kavin Gunaseelan, Daniel Asif, Viswas Vallabheni




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