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Description of activity: Students that have an interest in developing meaningful relationships between students with and without disabilities, help spread acceptance and ensure everyone feels included and welcome in their school, along with having an interest in creating authentic inclusion activities inside and outside of school that change how students interact with one another on a daily basis.

Where to go for more information: C203.

Meeting times: Full club will meet once per month during myTime. Executive Board will meet again before or after school once per month. Various activities will be planned throughout the school year.

Eligibility requirements: Open to all students, grades 9-12, who meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee is $55 to the WHS Activities Office.

Student leadership: All of the leadership positions will be filled together by a general education student and a special education student. President, Vice-President, Committee Chairs.

For more information about Club US please contact


Shelby McChesney

Student Board

Mimi Schrader

Sam Day
Vice President

Lauren Webert

Join Club US

Step 1

Complete an application in the folder below.

Please turn in completed application to room C203 or email it to by Friday, September 15.

Step 2

Club US members must also complete the Activities Eligibility Form and pay the $55 participation fee. This form only needs to be submitted once per school year. This form is the same as the Athletics Eligibility Form.



Fans in the Stands
This committee focuses on the adapted sports program at Wayzata. Our adapted sports team, the Lakers, participates in many sports throughout the school year such as, soccer, bowling, floor hockey and softball. This committee organizes opportunities for students to show their support to the team by attending the Lakers games and practices.

For more information about the Fans in the Stands committee, please contact Soni Schrader at

This committee consists of planning group outings to do together as a club. From bowling to making tie dye t-shirt, this committee does it all.

For more information about the Weekend committee please contact Elizabeth Alviani at

Trojan Pals (T-pals)
This committee works together with Trojan Pals during MyTime on Wednesdays. Trojan Pals is the program that organizes partners (general ed) to hang out with teammates (special ed) and do fun activities such as cards, board games and more! It is a good way to start off your day!

For more information about the Trojan Pals committee please contact Katelyn Palasek at

This committee is the behind the scenes committee. Although, it organizes three very big fundraising events throughout the year, consisting of the Dance Marathon, Polar Plunge and Spread the Word Campaign. All of these events are put on by Special Olympics. Other fundraising activities may include organizing car washes, bake sales, etc. to help raise money for Club US!

For more information about the Fundraising committee please contact Ella Schrader at

Special Olympics Information

To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics Minnesota Unified Sports Events the following forms must be completed.

Special Education Students Athlete Application

Please note:

  • All checkboxes on Page 1 must be marked (Concussion Box and Criminal History Box included)
  • Page 2 must be completed by a licensed medical professional
  • Parents and doctor must sign and date on all necessary lines

General Education Students:

Volunteer Application

Level 1 Training

If students are 18 or older, they’ll have to complete a background check which will come to them after they complete their volunteer application.