Business Professionals of America

2018 National Competitors - Dallas, TX

Description of activity: Organization that promotes leadership and success in business. BPA prepares students for the business workforce by building leadership, professionalism, poise, dependability, patriotism and competency in its members.

Meeting site: Second Floor Forum, A141, A145

Competitions: Fall Leadership University: October; Regional Competitions: January; State Competitions: March, Nationals: May.

Eligibility requirements: Open to all students enrolled in a business class or those who are interested in a business or IT career and who meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Average number of members: 90

Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee is $90 to cover costs for Activities Office, State and National dues.

Awards criteria & type of awards: Competition awards. Lettering requirements will be determined by advisor.

Student leadership: Officers selected by BPA members.

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Lisa Barnholdt

Michelle Jacklitch

Tika Kude

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Officer Team

  • Aryan Shah, President
  • Annika Ahluwalia
  • Shreya Chanda
  • Audrey Koehler
  • Saketh Kollipara
  • Blane McLaughlin

Officer Team Responsibilities

Officer Application

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Forms, Downloads and Resources

Lettering in BPA

In order for a student to letter in BPA, they must either qualify to compete at the national conference or qualify to compete at the state conference twice.

In addition:

  • participate in at least one BPA civic/volunteer events (a minimum of 2 are planned each year)
  • work a minimum of two indoor athletic concession shifts (our primary fundraiser)
  • show up for at least 90% of BPA membership meetings.

If a student letters in grades 9, 10 or 11, they then receive a BPA patch the following year (if they meet the above listed criteria for a second time).

Membership Information

What is BPA?

BPA stands for Business Professionals of America. It is a student organization that promotes leadership and success in business. Business Professionals of America has a history as an association that contributes to the preparation of students for the business workforce through the advancement of leadership, professionalism, poise, dependability, patriotism, and competency in its members. BPA allows students to explore and compete in a variety of fields including technology, administrative support, finance, management, marketing and human resources. Through co-curricular programs and services, members demonstrate and improve their business skills, network with one another and professionals across the nation and get involved in the betterment of their community through good words and projects. Overall, BPA is a fun environment to meet new friends and gain incredible experiences!

Basic Information

  • BPA is open to all interested students who enjoy business, finance, marketing, human resources, management, technology, public speaking or competing.
  • The BPA season lasts all year.
  • We meet after school monthly.
  • Check the calendar (on the left) for our calendar of events.
  • Members are expected to attend all meetings, abide by the WPS eligibility guidelines and work concessions for indoor sporting events.

BPA Membership Dues: $90.00, Includes Activity Fee, Local (metro-area), State and National BPA fees, BPA Quarterly e-Magazine, BPA Pin and Card, Competitive Events Materials, Scholarships.

Member Meeting PowerPoints

Attendance is mandatory for meetings. If you miss two meetings you will not be able to compete any BPA competitions. For an excused absence you must connect with the advisers.