3-2-1 Competition

Description of activity: 3-2-1, formerly KMO, is a team competition that allows students to answer curriculum based questions in a fast paced and entertaining format. Visit the 3-2-1 website for more information.

Where to go for more information: Gifted & Talented office B207.

Length of season: First season is October through December. Second season is February to April.  The first practice is typically held the 2nd week in October. 

Practice times: Thursdays during lunch periods.

Practice site: Semester 1 C215 and Semester 2 C218

Competitions:  Two competitions per school year. The first competition will be in December and the second will be sometime in April. 

Eligibility requirements: Open to any student interested in meeting with the teams during one lunch period per week. Must meet the Wayzata Public Schools Extra-Curricular Eligibility Requirements.

Awards criteria and type of awards: 3-2-1 results are distributed after each competition at the state and national levels.


Amy Swenson